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I just have been taken by a seller


If you are new be sure you know how to get your money back if the job is NOT done properly.

I had someone do a job and it seemed like she was communicating great but she knew I was NEW and took advantage of me. Somehow she was able to say the job was completed and got PAID. I am new so didn’t know how to handle this. I have NOT given her a good rating but would like an answer from someone and not able to find out where to go. This site is very complicating.



@Gramme66 you need to login at and raise your complaint. Support will respond you soon.



I will be happy to answer your questions. I am sorry this happened to you. If you did not get your work delivered right you always have the option to request a modification from the seller before Fiverr marks the order as “complete” after 3 days.

If you have any more questions feel free to contact me I will be happy to help you :wink:


Same thing happened to me… I don’t know how to get my money back or how to leave feedback… Please help me with the process. Thanks Linda


This is the part when you go to Customer Support and login with your accounts - and submit a complaint. Simple!

Sorry for the bad experience though, do your research with sellers next time.


When did you place the order??? When the buyer submits their work to you and if you are not satisfied or if there is nothing attached you can click on “Request a modification” and it will bounce back to “order not completed” this way you can prevent Fiverr from marking the order as complete which usually happens automatically after 3 days.

You can always contact customer service and request for the order to be cancelled, this way you will get your money back, but obviously you need to explain your reasons :wink: You can find the “contact support button” on the very bottom of the screen when you log into Fiverr under “Help” .

For the future just make sure you choose a seller with positive feedback. Read the feedback comments on their profile to make sure that other buyers had a good experience with them before you place an order :wink: