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I just have created Darkmode For the Fiverr site in UX/UI,

i just have created Darkmode For the Fiverr site in UX/UI,

please any Suggestion is welcome Just tell me in comments

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Oh thats great…
But if you ask me that green shade isn’t easy on eyes…

as far uiux goes sometime total black doesn’t goes with branding for that situation gray shades are the best cause It doesn’t burn your eyes when there is a bright color…
Like facebook did with their darkmode

I think, thats looks better?

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The title is a bit misleading as you indicate this thing is now an option. It is not, you just want to show a mock-up.

There is a reason that business letters are black text on white paper. Yes colored text on black paper would look a lot cooler, like we were all goths even. The problem is that the letters would be really hard to read.

If Fiverr creates a dark option, sure I’ll look. Then switch straight back as I like reading, esp in business matters where detail in the communique matters (not the pretties), where it is easier on the eye-brain.


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I think it looks nice! It’s definitely a feature I would use, as I like using dark modes at night when it’s late and want something easier on the eyes. :smile:

Like do you have any suggestion, or a text style that i put ?

Colors ?

thanks for replying

thanks :smiley:

dark mode is early better for the eyes

You are presenting as the UX person?

Contrast is an obvious issue as is helping the eye to focus and feel calm.
Sans fonts look lovely, serif fonts are easier to read.


i am just beginner who started UX yesterday and i tried that

Good work, I would suggest to use Fiverr Green color instead of yellow colors.

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Good Job. Subtext color could be better. anyway well done.


I will do that with the better version.

thank you for the suggestion guys.

best Regards