I just join fiverr


Please can anyone check on my gig and tell me the error and what i need to correct to get me sales


Sales takes time, it is not always instant. I would highly suggest you look at top rated sellers in the areas similar to yours to take notice of how they write up their gig descriptions, profiles and photos/videos they use.

Also, be aware that selling stuff having to do with facebook and youtube, are all a gray area here on Fivver. THough you do not seem to be selling “likes” or “subscribers” which is against the terms of use of each respective 3rd party site, offering promotion to those sites may be a bit of an issue. Maybe others will share some thoughts there.

I do think you need to give much more demographic information about your groups if you want people to pay to advertise to your groups. Just saying that facebook is mostly college students and adults doesn’t cut it. If you are that much of a guru you should certainly be able to give a bit more of a break down on who your subscribers are. If I have a product targeted to women ages 30-40 in NOrth America, does that fit your demographic? Or are you mainly in Europe? And mostly tech guys? etc., etc…