I Just joined fiverr, please help me to grow my business


Hi all fiverrer…

can i get some tips for my gig : https://www.fiverr.com/expert247/expertly-work-on-your-product-or-store-or-ecommerce-image-within-6-to-20-hours

I will be very glad if anyone help me to build or develop better gigs here!


It just has been 6 days since you have joined fiverr and you already have 2 sales and that is a very good start , if you want more sales the best way is to promote your gigs on your social sites that drives the maximum amount of traffic to your gigs and make your gig title small and keep more of the information on the gig description rather on the gig title , check some of the gigs related to your gigs having high ratings and sales that will help you the best , and put your real image on the profile photo that raise a belief on customers about you . Still you have a good start you gradually can grow a lot :slight_smile:


3 days passed, i have join the fiverr. https://www.fiverr.com/cappersoft/do-business-logo-design, sunshy you have given go very good guidelines to follow. Thanks