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I Just joined fiverr, please is there any hope for me?

I just joined fivver now, and I’ve been hearing people complaining recently that the rate which people buy gigs is reducing, please I just need advice to help boost my selling yield

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Sellers are increasing! Getting competetive! Sales are high for those who are more creative! so all depends on your hardwork for making your gigs famous and also what you are delivering!

4 Likes is the best site for developing your career if you are skilled. You just have to wait. You will get an order as soon as possible. Thanks

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Actually, waiting is not an option anymore considering how competitive Fiverr has become, and that hundreds of new sellers are joining Fiverr each and every day (if not more).

Instead you should do everything you can do promote your services, find leads and such.

So instead of just waiting to get money, I strongly recommend reading the “UPYOUR” series from our moderator:

Read the UPYOUR posts


Thanks alot bro, I really appreciate

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Just stand out from the other, be creative and such for new ideas.

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If you need to ask if there is hope for you, there probably isn’t. Any level of success in bad or good times on Fiverr will always rest exclusively on how you choose to attempt to build your business.

Sit and wait for orders = Doomed

Research real market needs, create products & services and market yourself accordingly = Success if you can work to a standard which your buyers appreciate


Create a blog and direct users from google to get to your gigs.
And they will convert some sales.
That’s what I did these few days