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I just made Level 1 Seller so here is a Free Ebook!

I just became a Level 1 Seller, I am so pleased.

I can’t wait to expand my services and do more awesome work for my customers.

I am also giving away here free an e-book that I created with the intention of selling but didn’t make it past the TOS so thought I would give it away free now…enjoy and happy fiverring!

Wow! attaching a file to this forum is tough!!!

I have created the content here instead in fiverr tips!

Me neither :frowning:


ehelper888 said: created with the intention of selling but didn't make it past the TOS

Can you say why it didn't pass the TOS?

Reply to @showingyouhow: I am sorry, showingyouhow, I am unable to tell you, I have deleted the gig and the reason, so i am not sure why it didnt pass, I suppose fiverr peeps can come to the forum to get hints and tips and making money out of it might be just plain wrong.


Okay - I see :expressionless:

Managed to read it in the other thread you posted with the contents

That is great and congrats, best of luck with your gig(s) in 2013

Cool. You have some interesting gigs that I have not yet seen on fiverr, like your mailchimp ones :slight_smile: I like mailchimp

I can’t download it…

Hi Fiverr Family , firstly i would like to say if you just start your marketing way never stop , just try, improve your product , you will reach something great after sometime , never disappointed , you will crack the code sooner or later ,i involved with Fiverr 3 month ago and I have made 1300$ selling just 2 Gigs in 40Days using very simple codes i have come across accidentally in marvelous guide at my friend old stuff shelf, and I’m still doing a good sale upto recent moment because of this cods.

i’m not trying to make any sale here but that is really what happened, i would like every one of you to have this guide to sky rocket your Gig rank , rate and sale.

i have attached sale statement Revenues, last sale was [ today 9-May-14] and amount has been Withdrawal as well.

wish you all the best , never hesitate to contact me for any advise or assist.

Sheriff’s Note: Your name next to your icon is a link to your gigs. It is not necessary to place the link in every post.

forum guidelines are strict that why you are not able to put your ebook i thought that if someone would share their gig here would be called as an internal linking move but its not appreciated here.

great dear

This post is from 2013…