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I Just Made Level 2, yippee!

I have just been promoted to level 2, which is really cool. I first joined fiverr back in April and left it dormant for a few months as I was busy building an app, then in August I added my Morgan Freeman, Alan Rickman and other gigs.

So in just under 4 weeks I have reached level 2 and will never leave adding gigs to fiverr so late again, love this service. I have been reading many other stories since I joined and it’s really nice to be part of such an awesome community.

Get Busy Living or get busy selling, or maybe both

Morgan :slight_smile:

EDIT: Just realised I have posted this in the wrong section, sorry. How can I change it?

Congrats, Morgan! We’ll move it over to My Fiverr Gigs for you. Thanks :slight_smile: