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I just need a little help


about a week ago I hired a graphic designer to make me a cover for my upcoming song, I ordered this guys biggest package and a few days later he did me a cover, but it was boring and in such a unrealistic way, just really poor quality, I gave him some points I didnt like and he did it a new way, still didnt forfill the points I wanted this cover to be, it was still really trashy and I asked him, if I could get my money back and ask someone else to make it for me, he told me, that hes gonna do it better now and I gave him a chance, at the end it was still really bad, I felt like this guy doesnt even talk my language and misunderstood me in every possible way, I told him, that I dislike his work and Im really sorry, if it took him time and that I hope, it was still a nice practice for him and that it might have helped his improvement and that I want to find someone else, he tried to convice me that he is gonna do it better this time, but I told him no and asked him, If he could pay me back and he didnt, instead he send me the same picture again, I tried to find a way through fiverr to cancel the order and get my money back, but he declined it all the same and at the end it seemed like he blocked me, I couldnt write him anymore and I wasnt even able to get on his profile or whatever to write a review to warn new customers and the cover he send me was also not useable in anyway because there was a preview layout on it

I hope someone can give me some advice or idk


Are you ok to share how much did you pay?

hello mariashtelle1,
i paid 44€

Having excessively low quality gigs or gigs that do not match what was in the seller’s gallery (assuming he had a high-quality gallery on his gig page) are against Fiverr’s TOS. You might be able to talk to Customer Service addressing this issue, get your money back, and give the seller a warning/ban.


@shots85 you can reach CS by email at

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@vickiespencer @eliiclaire
thanks you guys!!!