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I just need to vent. I kept asking feedback, everything was fine until 36 hours before deadline

The gig is to write a fairly long white paper on financial regulation, top of my gig 4,000 words

  1. First feedback: too many details, the regulation has been active for a while

  2. Feedback: everything is fine

I send the complete first draft, nothing works, too generic. I need to ask for an extension to act on the clients’ feedback.

Not really seeking any advice, but I feel better after a rant -:slight_smile:


Have you actually delivered the work by pressing that delivery button or you just showed it to your client on the order page ?

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No, I just shared it with them as a draft, not a delivery. I have figured out what to do about half the feedback, the other half baffles me. According to the client it is a white paper for a consultancy (name kept confidential), usually when you write a thought leadership piece for a consultancy you ‘plant a thought’ in the reader’s mind, you do not give a solution. So, I really do not understand the complaint that it is full ‘You should be thinking about this’, or ‘you should be doing that’. Previously the client complained that I was too detailed on what to do, “almost like a training manual”, go figure.

Have you thought of putting a recommendations section at the end, or conclusions or what others are doing or something? The buyer may not know the difference between a report and a white paper …


Good advice, the buyer maybe a bit confused.

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