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I just need your opinion on pricing!


Hey everyone

I know that there are a lot of experienced sellers in this forum so I thought I should ask for your opinion on pricing since I am quite new here.

I thought that the best way to promote my Gigs was to start off with quite cheap prices and then as I see the demand and the reviews rising maybe increase the prices.

Could you please take a look at my Gigs and tell me what you think based on your experience as well.

Thank you :smiley:


Hey there Kakolukia,

I’ll give you a buyers opinion. I’ve been a seller/buyer on Fiverr for five years now, and a large majority of what I use it for as a business director is for graphic design. I think you might be underpriced for the quality of the work you are offering. I have paid $60 and felt like I was saving money for a full HD rendering with multiple characters and a background.

That being said, I’m sure one of the wiser sellers on here will also point out that this works towards your benefit. You have great rates. I have collected your gig and will probably contact you to buy in the future. As long as you adjust your prices as you grow in popularity I think your pricing is great.


Thank you so much for your advice it is very helpful. Thank you for considering my gig as well. It really means a lot.

Have a great day :slight_smile: