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I just ordered a gig... from page 7 of the search results

Earlier today, I needed to order a service from Fiverr. Being an active user of Fiverr, I figured I should get what I am looking for in a couple of minutes. To my surprise, It took me more than an hour to finally find a seller I could order from. Here is why:

  1. Most of the sellers I found on page one had great reviews but I didn’t like their samples
  2. The pro sellers had exactly what I was looking for but they were too expensive

So I kept checking page 2, 3, 4, and so on. And I kept noticing how great sellers who deserved to be on page 1 were appearing on page 5 onwards.

I eventually ordered the gig from a seller on page 7 because his gig is exactly what I was looking for.

That got me thinking… could this be the reason so many sellers are complaining of reduced traffic? How come I had to go all the way to page 7 in order to get what I was looking for? Why would such
a great seller be listed on page 7 when others who failed to convince me to buy were listed on page 1? How many first time buyers will care to go beyond the first page?


Sounds like you were aiming to get high quality, but also trying to find the best price possible at the same time. That’s limiting the number of potential sellers/gigs by two factors, important factors to be sure but they’re limiting factors none the less. If a first-time buyer isn’t overly restricted or worried about budget, or if they have low standards for quality, then yeah they probably won’t go beyond the first page because they’re extremely likely to not have to look beyond the first page.

I’ve heard about reduced traffic lately and I really do think it’s likely that it’s a natural response to the arrival of summer for the northern hemisphere. More time spent outside (at least for those strange individuals who have those things… what are they called… oh yeah, ‘lives’, whatever that is) and less time spent on the computer. I don’t know what they’d DO without a computer, but hey, to each their own. Anyhow if nothing else I hope you got a giggle out of my half-jokey and half-legit comment. Summer 2017 bestowed upon me a dip in income as well and that’s what 2018 started to do but luckily enough a recent experiment has been generating positive results so this is actually strangely enough becoming my most profitable month to date in terms of writing. Pretty incredible, but anyways hopefully this comment helped in some way even if in nothing more than getting a chuckle.


More than a chuckle actually. I laughed out loud. At you mostly. But thanks for sharing the summer perspective. I guess it’s just an annual trend based on your experience.

What sort of experiment is this if you don’t mind my asking?

I’m attempting to quote you in this reply, never done so on this forum, hopefully it works.

More than a chuckle actually. I laughed out loud. At you mostly. But thanks for sharing the summer perspective. I guess it’s just an annual trend based on your experience.

Glad to hear it! The humour was indeed a bit self-deprecating, and it was intentionally so. In actual fact I do get out on occasion.

What sort of experiment is this if you don’t mind my asking?

Tried out a new pseudonym and described my gig in kind of a different style. In truth I’d prefer to keep that pseudonym and this J N Morgan one separate so I’d prefer not to go into further detail than that. Also been trying to get on UpWork to see what that’s all about, but so far it’s proving difficult. They seem to have VERY high standards for who they allow to have a profile, and fair enough. I’ll earn my way; nobody does well in approaching life expecting undeserved hand-outs.

It is true that now a days you will see top rated seller with 4000 Plus ratting on page 7 and new seller with 50 Plus review on Page one,


Thanks for sharing :slight_smile: By the way, in my opinion, it.s easier to work on fiverr than upwork. I almost forgot I have an account there. I don’t know how but fiverr somehow attracts clients that are easier to deal with than other platforms I have tried

The search is a disaster at present. I can’t find a thing. I spent 2 days looking for a seller I already knew but couldn’t find him anywhere. Pros everywhere like flies. The same low review gigs which aren’t targeted toward any service type reappearing under different filters. Then the never ending downward scroll to yet more Pros and randomness.

You might as well call 2018 Fiverr’s Year of the Used Car Salesman :slight_smile:


This is just sad. I wonder what informed that move


No problem, it may very well turn out that Fiverr is the best site available for entrepreneurial freelance writing but I still want to try new things. See how the water is at different points on the coast, y’know? Too deep? Too cool? Spotted a shark? I’ll swim on back to where I started out lol True story though, the place where I grew up on the coast of the Atlantic, the very same cove had one spot with much softer sand, much warmer waters, and a lot more shallow. This is primarily where families with kids went to swim during summer. There was another spot though, indeed in the very same line of sight as that beach, that was much deeper and cooler though also had a rockier surface both on the beach where only a high tide would reach and also beneath the surface. Quite odd, but I always preferred the deeper one. Much more fun. We used to fill a plastic soda bottle with rocks/dirt and toss it for one of us to dive and find it, only took a few seconds. Good times… great exercise too!

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Probably an attempt to curb the ever-present Pareto Distribution. Of any given creative field, like for instance 18th century classical music or even modern bands, something like just 10% of the music is listened to 90% of the time, and of that 10% of the most-popular music played, then one tenth of it (10% of that) is listened to 90% of the time, or SOMETHING to that effect.

Likewise, if we were to leave the search engine on Fiverr to favour those who naturally get more orders and reviews thus allowing them to get even MORE orders and even MORE reviews causing an exponential effect, then 90% of the orders on Fiverr would be to only the top 10% most successful Fiverr sellers. So, IF this hypothesis is correct (which it may very well not be but let’s for a moment assume that it is), why would Fiverr wish to curb it?

Well… where’s the fresh blood? Barely anybody going out of their way to find a new seller since so many Level Three or Top Sellers are readily available and widely advertised, there would almost be a monopoly for the people who got successful early on. I think it’s pretty sound logic, Fiverr wants to give New Sellers and Level One sellers a chance. It may seem, however, that in doing so to help the sellers, they might be scaring off those who are arguably the most important people on Fiverr; the buyers. The people actually spending money. Interesting stuff to think about.

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This is Interestingly convincing

Your write very excellent and helpful for both seller and buyers

If you’re talking about what I had written, I’m glad you found it interesting. I like to think deeply on things and I’ve gotten pretty good at displaying my thoughts in written form. Having learned of the Pareto Distribution, assuming I’m spelling it correctly, it’s something I think about a lot. I think some also call it the ‘Matthew Principle’ because there’s a quote in the Book of Matthew in the Christian New Testament that “to those who have everything, more will be given, and to those who have nothing, everything will be taken.” Pretty harsh, but the scientific Pareto Distribution theory seems to put truth to it.