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I just put together a handy table about Fiverr's level system and evaluation criteria - here it is

Hey all, so I am currently putting together a blog post for Fiverr all about how the level system can benefit buyers. As part of that, I created a table, and thought it might be useful to share.

Here you go.


Once again, Great job!


Thank you so much for this :slight_smile: Its really helpful.


That’s a good idea really, just a bit off because of demotions. But better for buyers to have this as reference than no reference. Maybe include a footnote or something so they won’t be too astonished about level 1 sellers with thousands, of reviews and such.


Thanks for the suggestion - this is part of an article that will be published on the Fiverr blog, and in that article I talk more about evaluation, promotion, and demotion, so hopefully that gives some more context.

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Thanks, It’s really helpful to me

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Nice job, thanks for sharing.

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Awesome! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Great! Thank you! :blush::smiley:

oh wow
i still have long way to go.
not even half way Lol

thank you for this guide

Interesting, so the only way to have zero stress, no worries about demotions, cancellations, ratings, is to be a new seller.

Then you can do whatever you want and just focus on making money and you’ll get paid in 14 days like the rest of us (except for Top Rated Sellers).


A very nice summary. Thank you @paulmaplesden


I’ve been thinking of starting to work on fiverr since 2017
But was busy with the job
At that time starting a fiverr gig/ account was easier
You just get 10 orders completed and you get level 1
50 orders completed you become level 2

In todays date it’s become a lot tougher
You have to be an active seller on fiverr for at least 60 days to become a level one seller and a do a lot more to become second level

My question here is how to get sales when you just have 3 to 5 reviews and starting to work fresh on fiverr

Do new sellers also get good amount of sales here?

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Damn! those 400$ are hard to earn

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This is not all. For example I cannot be a Top Seller because selling similar product in 2 categories (because it is a logo but also an illustration). So every month 15th since I remember I got the message which congratulates me that I have been chosen as a top seller and they must to review, and right the next day “sorry, you cannot be a Top Seller”. Every month.

Nice table! What if you get 50+ orders in less then 60 days? Would I be a level one or two seller? Thanks!

Where did you get that idea?

Fiverr has now changed the “4.8” rating requirement to “4.7” though, but the table says “4.8”.

From their email (the same every month):

BTW, this is false, because actually being in 2 categories benefits me, as I said my work can be a logo and an illustration at the same time.

The e-mail you’re getting isn’t really about you, it’s a form letter all level 2’s get when they’re not promoted to TRS. You could have 1 gig, and you’d still get that e-mail.

Either way, I agree with you. Duplicating a gig is having a gig that offers the exact same thing. However, if a gig offers minimalist logos, and another gig offers old fashioned logos, then they’re not the exact same thing, although I don’t know if Fiverr sees it that way.

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