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I just realized how easy you can be scammed here

Well my recent buyer bought a gig that I will make 15 site names and I did. He may or may not like my brand ideas but how would I know? He can steal it without me knowing maybe he just said he didn’t like it because he don’t want to pay. How can I be protected as a seller if this happens again?


He did order right ? So what is the problem ?

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@kishiag Welcome to the Fiverr forum,

Yes, It’s easy everywhere bcz some services cant be tracked, because it in making site names you use water mark but there is no use for that, you will have to update your offer services.

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One of the first Gigs I had here on Fiverr was “I will provide you a name for your product” and it did not so bad.

However, I had a few Buyers who requested far more than the five name suggestions I provided as part of the Gig.

It wasn’t long after that happened a couple of times when I realized I was “giving away” far too much for what I was charging.

I never really figured out how to keep Buyers from essentially “stealing” the names I submitted unknowingly to me when they told me they were rejected suggestions.

So I deleted the Gig.

I don’t miss it one bit.


Yes, doing business on Fiverr can be a risk. Therefore the best advice I can give is make sure you read the terms of service so you know your rights. Also, I would advise not to make significant investments on Fiverr either. For example, if someone requests you to build a website for them for $500.00 that would require many hours of your time, I would pass on it. Only accept gigs that don’t require much time or resources. Hope this helped.


If you choose to cancel an order when a buyer says they don’t like it then it’s you allowing yourself to be scammed. People will try get away with things like that so you need to be prepared to say no to someone if they try it.
I have a policy of not cancelling after the work is done - some buyers don’t like it obviously. I actually say it in some of my FAQs that I don’t cancel after delivery or that it is my choice whether to cancel or not.
This thread I wrote some time ago might help you realize that you don’t need to cancel when things go wrong - if you did the work, you get paid, regardless of whether the buyer wants it, likes it, uses it, etc


He ordered, I gave him 15 brandnames he then only said I don’t like them and asked for his money back lol. Well I wouldn’t know of he really didn’t use the names I gave.

Yes especially branding names as they have read it they can easily steal it but props to honest buyers!

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I gave him 15 suggestions only for 5 usd and I feel rob I will never really know if he didn’t use it or not. I will not delete the gig yet but I will surely revise my terms. Thank you for sharing!

Yes I agree but I gave him 15 original suggestions, I squeezed my brains out naming them :sweat_smile:

I don’t always get scammed on Fiverr, but when I do, my scam tips me for exceptional services.

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Thank you for this! I will definitely change my FAQs and make a policy about it at least pay me for my efforts.

From all my orders this is a first. 15 original suggestions for 5 usd for such a low price maybe I should make no cancellation policy.

Yes, scamming does happen.

You need something in your gig description that prevents these types of buyers from doing this. Maybe a policy where they cannot ask for a refund if they are not happy. The amount you are charging is minimal and this will stop scammers from doing this.


Yes I will! thank you for the response.