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I just receiving a message from buyer about the artwork, but

Okay guys, I just receiving a new message from buyer who is a teacher, and she wanted the artwork for her school. I asked her not to make a purchase on a gig yet, before I create the artwork same exact as she describes and the artwork she is looking for. So she can make her decision and go ahead to purchase the gig if she see the artwork fit what she is looking for.

So, the question is – is it okay for me to ask the buyer to not purchase the gig yet before I send her an example of the artwork? I don’t want to sound too nice to the buyers by creating some example artwork without colors and send them the small size artwork with watermark before they made a decision to purchase on a gig, if they’re satisfying with the artwork they are looking for…

Any suggestion for me on this though? I understand some buyers can get little skeptical or worry about being scam by the sellers who used other seller’s work from their gigs, and passed it as their own. :pensive:


It’s too risky for you. I never send even once just a sample before the buyer places the order.
What you do gives the impression to the buyer that you lack confidence and cannot convince the buyer that you can work professionally.
Don’t just stick with one buyer, there are still many people who need your work. Leave skeptical buyers behind as it will make you too busy with unsuitable results.

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There’s also the risk in the other direction. Did they ask for the sample, or did you offer first?

Based on the situation you’ve already described, and if you’ve already promised a sample: watermark, yes, and also consider a lower resolution. Otherwise, you could offer to sell a small sample. Less risk for both parties.


Thanks for the link. Well, that’s exactly what I was trying to create artwork and send her the low resolution in small size with watermarks, make sure she couldn’t use it for school without paying. I ask this, because I didn’t like the idea whenever our discussion are done, then the buyers went ahead and purchased the gig which give me didn’t have enough time to create the artwork at the same time the count down times.

So I want to give myself enough time to create the example in low resolution and send them before they make their decision to purchase the artwork, whether they like it or not. And of course, I wouldn’t want to risk giving out free art without watermark protection, etc.

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She didn’t asked for the example, but then she said she will still going to pay for my hard-work, whether the school want to use it or not.

The example artwork will be in low resolution with watermark on it, not sure if this is good idea. The reason why I asked her not to purchase the gig yet, before I can make my decision if I want to continue this project, because she want the artwork to complete on Sunday.

So I can give myself little more time to finish the sketch in 1 day, before color after she made a purchase. Because she wanted the color too, but I will only send her the low resolution drawing with without color.

I understand what you mean, it’s just that I won’t send anything to the buyer even if it’s a low-resolution work. I make sure that the buyer will not come back again. Don’t waste your time because you don’t know the person directly. I have been here for 9 years and have known many characters of buyers.

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Thank you bernard18. This is the first buyer I ever try to offered to create low resolution artwork exact she describes what she is looking for. I think a 1 week is not enough time for me to create the artwork for her, so I guess I should just tell her to find someone who would be able to finish artwork within a week for her.

Most of my artwork took me 2 up to 3 weeks to finish, probably I will have to tell her I might have to withdraw myself from this project, then. I hope someone out there will be able to create the artwork within a week for her though. (sigh) :pensive:

And again – thank you for sharing your story and your opinion with me, bernard18.

You’re welcome Danny,
Stay optimistic and confident. There are still many buyers who are waiting for your work and can play fairly. Good Luck!

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Thank you so much bernard18! You’re the BEST! I hope you’re having a great and healthy weekend there.

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I think it’s very generous of you to offer this example, especially because you know it is a teacher and want to be particularly accommodating. However, if you don’t think your gig Photos accurately convey what you are capable of, I would consider changing that! Included in this are the other examples you have on hand that you could send to clients who request more (or even if they don’t I suppose, up to you). So in this case, count it as a good deed and try to steer away from “over-accommodating” your customers in the future! You never want to put Buyers in the position that they could take advantage of you or your services!

Congrats on the order and best of luck!

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This is a sign that you might need to modify your gig so that you will have enough time, no matter who orders what or when. Fiverr is based in ‘order now’, not ‘contact first’, so you have to be ready for unexpected orders, including enough time and proper gig requirements setup. Same goes for custom orders.

If you want to send progress reports, I find screenshots of the work in progress work well. Good enough to get the work across, low enough resolution that it’s usually not usable.


Hi earthenfervor,

Thank you for the suggestion. The problem is that she wanted the artwork to be done within week before Sunday on the 9th, so I wasn’t sure this is enough time for me to work on the artwork drawing from scratch in my own style as she describes she wanted the character to be after attached couple of images for example.

I told her I will send her the example of low resolution of the artwork as the character post and see if she like the idea before I can go ahead and colors after she made a purchase on the gig based on what she describes. She wanted realistic artwork with details, so that’s may take me up to 2 or 3 weeks to complete the art piece. It may be too late for her school.

And 2nd vaccination coming up in few days, so the vaccine would be putting me in bed for 2-3 days, so that’s why I’m afraid I won’t have enough time to complete the artwork before the 9th for her school. That’s’ why I message back to her within few minutes explain to her that I won’t be able to continue this project.

I appreciate for your suggestion. Although this is the 5th buyer I have ever tried offer her my example artwork, because I didn’t want her to feel like waste the money on the wrong artwork.

Thank you. I’ll look into to modify my gig descriptions and see what I can change that from mistake.

Good thinking about uploading the working in progress. Maybe I should upload some working-in-progress in the near future to modify my currently gig.