I just save my Fiverr Account


A few hours ago my client says can you please share your TEAMVIEWER id that we can discuss our project. I thought It’s not a deal to share my id and suddenly I remember one of the most popular posts in Fiverr forum. I read that post 2 days ago and Thanks, MR. @eoinfinnegan such a great post he writes Don’t Take Chances With Your Fiverr Account. After a few minutes later I write an email to Contact Support. Then they replay…


Well done bro and be carefull


Always keep Fiverr Term of service in mind.
It is there to help us save and get aid.

You Did a great job.


Thanks :grinning: but the problem is my client want to describe his project but how is that possible to describe by sending a text. Please help me to overcome this problem.


Contact customer support.

or ask your client to send you his/her video explaining everything


Be careful buddy. Fiverr is so strict about these


I got warning shot one time from fiverr. Be careful.