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I just save my Fiverr Account

A few hours ago my client says can you please share your TEAMVIEWER id that we can discuss our project. I thought It’s not a deal to share my id and suddenly I remember one of the most popular posts in Fiverr forum. I read that post 2 days ago and Thanks, MR. @eoinfinnegan such a great post he writes Don’t Take Chances With Your Fiverr Account. After a few minutes later I write an email to Contact Support. Then they replay…


Well done bro and be carefull

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Always keep Fiverr Term of service in mind.
It is there to help us save and get aid.

You Did a great job.

Thanks :grinning: but the problem is my client want to describe his project but how is that possible to describe by sending a text. Please help me to overcome this problem.

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Contact customer support.

or ask your client to send you his/her video explaining everything


Be careful buddy. Fiverr is so strict about these

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I got warning shot one time from fiverr. Be careful.