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I just scored 8.5/10 in my skills test

Hello friends, I’m so happy right now. I wrote my first fiverr skills test in English and scored a very high, resounding 8.5/10. The score is right there on my profile and I really hope it brings in the required sales for me.

Writing a test goes a long way in boosting the confidence of buyers in your ability as a writer or any other skill you offer.

I’m going to write another test in photoshop so as to help grow my sales. Have you written your test? If yes kindly share your experience with us. Thanks


Congrats. Best of Luck

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Thanks brother. I’ll also be writing more.

Well done bro! I am also thinking to attend a test on Adobe Illustrator. Is there any hide option if I score low?

Of course you can always remove your score from your profile if you want. Just try to take the exam.

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You need to remove your website details (above) from your profile description as sharing off Fiverr contact details is a violation of the Terms of service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.


Sorry I didn’t mean to share any details. I only wanted to share a screenshot of my score.

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You need to remove this from your profile description on your Fiverr gig page. See my previous post.

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Ok. I’ll do that. Thanks

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