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I just set up my first gig and i am giving an offer to it ok?

As I am new to fiverr and I just set up my first gig and in order to get orders I am giving an offer to it ok?

I notice that you’ve misspelled the name of this website in two posts. Potential buyers are likely to worry about buying from you if you don’t at least try to duplicate the real spelling or copy/paste it.

I also noticed that you claim on your PowerPoint gig that you will do your first 3 orders for free. Fiverr has no way to charge a customer less than $5 per actual order. You may get some angry feedback if people click order thinking they won’t be charged.

oh i really misspelled fiverr. thanks for correction.

I am offering first 10 slides for free.but I have taken your point I will try think something else.

I am offering 10 free slides to my first three clients in powerpoint presentation.

If you re-worded it, that would help. You just don’t want to make them think the whole order is free when that isn’t possible.

I’ve done .ppts in some of my work here on fiverr and quite a few of the jobs where less than 10 slides, so your potential buyers will want the whole project free. For you that means no purchased gig and the most important part no review or record of the sale on your profile. You need to try and become a level one seller quickly so future buyers see that you have a positive track record here on fiverr. Look through the recent projects and send in your proposals. If need be charge less than you normally would until you get your first 10 orders completed.

such good advises.I really look upon those.Thanks alot

The best way is to sell something then offer a Free Bonus to all buyers. This will get you tons of sales. People love free Bonuses