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I just started here, help me get my first gig!(Coustom song writing)


Hi, I just started here a week ago, and I’ve yet to get my first gig. I will play you an acoustic song about whatever subject you can come up with, it can be detailed or vague, I promise to whip up a catchy tune about whatever you can think of! Gimme a chance, I think you will enjoy the product! :smiley:

Also check me out on youtube, I do covers of songs and whatnot.


Hello! And good luck. One thing:

You really shouldn’t be expecting instant results!

For some people it can take months to get their first sale. Keep on advertising though!


Coustom ?

Hello there, I’m captain Cousteau :smiley: Good luck mate! I saw you didn’t posted video on Fiverr why don"t you make one to show everyone here what you are capable of and GRAB CUSTOMER HELL YEAH!


I tried to post one, but it said processing may take up to 24 hours, I didn’t have the time to leave my laptop running on that page for a full day, do I have to stay on the page for my video to process?

Looking back at my page, it says “video denied, retry?” Is this because I left the processing page early, or because something is wrong with my video?


No normally you don’t have to leave the page open after the video has been uploaded.

But i’m not that sure, your video could also have been denied because you didn’t follow the guidelines and Fiverr really LOVE their guidelines haha.


Ahhh, I had no idea you needed a required phrase. I will remake and upload it.