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yesterday an order came to me of making an audio visualizer in 24 hours and the buyer just gave me the lyrics of the song and said they will be sending the clips too and 17 hours have passed till now and i asked them to give me more details regarding the audio visualizer that they want such as i need the remixed song that they made plus if they have any other clips for the background and the logo of their own if they have But there’s no response till now and only 7 hours are left for the order to be delivered and they were online 2 times after i made my request of them to provide me with some more information regarding the video and i think they are ignoring it and im really disappointed because it was my first order :frowning:


What can happen in this situation?

  1. If you don´t cancel, your On-time rate goes down.
  2. If you cancel your completion rate goes down.
  3. You can try to contact them again and tell them you need more time.
  4. Maybe they are ignoring you and if you deliver anything they will cancel later.


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think that if you wait until its late, they can also cancel. so on-time and completion rate goes down.

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i visited resolution center and i mentioned there to extend the time of deivery to one more day and the reason was that i didnt had enough info about the order

I also made a rough audio visualizer for my buyer the only thing they provided was the name of the song and the lyrics but the problem here was that they made their remix of the original song and they haven’t send it yet

You can cancel the order mutually. If you can request them from Resolution center it will also decrease your completion rate but not so far.
Sorry to say, It’s just a bad luck for you. But stay polite. Better luck next order.


waoo ok i will keep that in mind

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Maybe I don´t know about your work, but why not deliver your work with what you already have? If they want to put the remix song you can just change it when they send it.

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well you’re right
ok i will do that right away thankzz :slight_smile: i really appreciate you guys reading that whole thing and replying means alot

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Sorry but thats not what you do !
Don’t do it, its incomplete delivery and its against ffiverr TOS you may gt warning for this if buyer reaches to CS…

send time extension for 2 days and wait and mean while Reach to fiverr CS with order number and screenshots of everything and they will help you out…dont worry if order gets cancel they can fix your Order completion rate after looking into matter !


Okayyy got it !!! :slight_smile:

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Don’t worry ,I wait plz

umm so then what happened when the time runs out and still theres no reply from the buyer ??

*happens …

As far as I know , if he dont reply in 2-3 days that order gets automatically cancel !
Thats why you need to reach fiverr CS too so it don’t affect your order completion rate because you don’t have buyer’s requirements and its not your fault !

yes i contacted them the thing which im worried about is that only 5 hours are left for the order to end soo then what happens after 5 hours ??

If buyer accepts your request you’ll get extra time even after he accepts it after 5 hours…if not you know it will be cancelled !
In case buyer accepts after day or 2, you can talk to him and send him new extension request again to get time to work on… !

okayy got it Thank you for helping me out !!! I’m totally new to this fiverr environment soo… :slight_smile:

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You are welcome !
I would suggest you to read and understand fiverr TOS so in future you can help your self !


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Yup for sure …