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I just wanna Share this

My personal policy is that if you don’t send me what I need to do in the requirements or in a message after and don’t respond promptly to my request for them, I cancel.


I think the best way is to deliver the work whatever things you have right now, and while you delivering describe the situation politely and tell them not to worry about what you and your client agreed at the beginning. Describe very politely you will complete the task exactly the way you agreed and also mention your client did not give you enough document, that’s why you could not complete. But you has to deliver now because you have no time. But you will complete their work. Explain them clearly and I think client will understand your situations. I have done this way of delivery multiple times, and after that, I completed the work within hours and got 5 star. Thanks


Oh my god. That was so sad… :unamused: there is always these type of peoples…

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Oh okay! Didn’t know that, thank you

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You can send them a request to extend the delivery time. He might require some more time to arrange all the requirements/details required for the work.
I think buyers don’t really know how much an on-time delivered work is important to the sellers. They don’t know much about the order completion rate.

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You will get more order soon be patient some time it’s happen with every one best of luck.

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Yes for sure i will… thank you

Yes i get what you’re trying to say thank you very much :innocent:

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