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I just want say thank you to fiverr to help to buyer steal money thank you

someone give me a 3d order and i maked that for 10$

and he modify and fix that and he wanted cancel order for poor quality!!!

and fiverr help him

now he have 3d model and money

he have model and money

my time is wasted

he wanted this model with finger and i maked that with finger for 3-4 hours work

i just want say thank you to fiverr to help to buyer steal money thank you

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Oh my god
That not so good

Some buyers are like this… there is nothing to do about it, just learn how to spot and avoid them. I’ve had such experience too.
Don’t go through CS if possible, they will preferably protect buyers… just accept the fact that the buyer is a scam and it’s better to get rid of him while the harm he caused is small.
You don’t want cancellations and bad ratings… Best of luck in future!

After you deal with such people you start to treat new buyers with suspicion and become much more careful accepting new orders.

Same thing happened to me buyer took my $90 tshirt designs and then he deactivated his id i made a contact with fiverr support and they said we cant to do anything about this… Fiverr let the buyer to have all the designs in free and recently fiverr did the same to me … i made a cover for a buyer and he completed the order and in my inbox he said he want revisions i made all the revisions he asked for and then he said he want refund he made a contact to fiverr support and after two days fiverr took money from my account i earned $8 and fiverr took $10 they never forget to take their commisions…This is getting sick now i am really confused about fiverr why they are doing this never lisen my side of story always goes in the favour of buyers.

It has also happened to me. The buyer asked for modification and after delivering again. he still rejected and asked for cancellation, to avoid Bad Review, I had to accept and refund. To avoid the scam by buyers, you have to watermark your work till the buyer is satisfied then you can deliver a master copy.

Reply to @rajat11: yes im sure buyer is very happy that was a free work
price for this stick man is 149$ without fingers and he have that for free

thank you fiverr

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