I Just Want To Conform Whether My Gig Violating Is Fiverr Terms & Condition Or Not


I Just Want To Conform Whether My Gig Violating Is Your Terms & Condition Or Not . My Gig Is Active As Of Now And Here Is The Url



I Had Read Fiverr Terms & Condition And I Am Having Doubt That It Violates Fiverr Terms Because Of This Condition " Services that extend beyond 30 days of service duration "

My Gig Delivery Time Is 4 Day’s And I Am providing unlimited unique visitors traffic for 6 month


Yes, it violates Fiverr’s Terms of Service, because the service can’t extend beyond 30 days, and because you’d have to click on Deliver Now in 4 days, even though the service wasn’t fully performed yet.


The maximum delivery time on Fiverr is 30 days, yours is 6months- way too far. That there is a violation of Fiverr TOS.

Perharps you should consider cutting you delivery from 6 months to 30 days. All the best!


Thank You Guys For contributing On My Thread .

I Had Change From 6 Month To 1 Month And Can I Change Price Below 5$ Because I Don’t Think Show That People Will Buy This For 5$