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I just want to say thanks to all my awesome buyers


A recent conversation got me thinking about how the forum appears when buyers and sellers alike only come here to complain, or rant, or talk about problems or bugs; or how a lot of the tips are how to avoid problems. I’m as bad as anyone else - I quite often only put fingers to keyboard when something’s got me riled up enough. I bet half of the people who clicked on this post expected the title to be some sarcastic lead in to a tale of woe.

Wrong, dudes!

So, because it’s not really appropriate to put it in a message or review, I want to publicly thank the over 99% of buyers I have had who have been easy and pleasant to work with.
Thank you for:

  • being polite
  • talking to me like another professional
  • giving me great requirements
  • understanding that some things cost more than others and not questioning that I price honestly
  • acknowledging my expertise, and that some things aren’t as easy as they look
  • being flexible so that I can implement awesome features and functions that you never heard of before
  • attaching all the necessary documents and information in one or two messages
  • contacting me before ordering
  • filling in the gig requirements accurately
  • answering promptly any questions I have during the order
  • accepting the order as complete when you’re happy with the delivery
  • leaving a great review, making it personal and saying nice things about me
  • coming back, time and again.

Okay, that’s enough soppy stuff.

Your normal service of sarcasm and complaints will restart soon.


That kind of post deserved a strippergram but I’m afraid this is the best I could do.


You look really good in that!


I know! My weekly gay unicorn classes are doing me wonders. I feel so vital, self-confident and semi-mythological it’s amazing.


Very nice, capitalquality. Moments ago, I started a thread fussing about a difficult buyer and here you are to shame me. But you’re right. Complaining just ruins the fun we get from working with the 99%. :slight_smile: