I just want to transfer money to my paypal account, but I can not


I earned $ 4 and they are available for withdrawal
-When I click on the paypal account to transfer the money, he sends me an email then he asks me the address paypal

-I write the address paypal, I validate and it tells me that I will receive the income on this address

-I look on my paypal account and nothing

-I repeat the action (transfer to paypal> check by phone> mail> and it asks me the paypal address again> etc …) all the time and the transfer never happens.

This becomes very embarrassing (I do not even mention the 15 days of verification for the rest of my earn)


Check the Paypal account you have in your Fiverr’s profile. It may be incorrect.
The normal procedure is:
1- Ask to withdraw
2- Fiverr sents an email / phone verification
3- Clicking on the link sent by email re-directs to Fiverr account to inform you that the withdrawal has been successful
4- If the verification comes by phone, introduce the code, and the email will be sent as in point 3


My account can not be incorrect, I copy my paypal address correctly several times.

What’s going on for me

1- Ask to withdraw
2-phone verification
3- Clicking on the link sent by email re-directs to Fiverr : asking for paypal adress (every time i enter correctly the adress)


In five years working here, I can tell that (at least for me) this part is not usual.
That’s why it came to my mind that in your Fiverr account, the Paypal address could be incorrect, ergo when verifying asks you to write it again.
On the other hand if you say everything is correct, then try contacting Customer Support, they will help you with this issue.


Are we allowed to only withdraw $4? You know that Paypal will take out $1 from each time you transfer money to it?

I have never been asked for my Paypal address when I withdraw money. They have it already in my settings!

The email they send the link to is the same as the email for your Paypal so I don’t know why they want you to enter it again.


Not for me it is not the same email I use,
I have an email for paypal and another for fieverr


I do too.

What I mean is that when they send the link to you after you request to withdraw money,
they send that link to the same email as Paypal has.

When fiverr sends me other types of messages they go to my other email address.

So in your settings you should have your Paypal email.


Ok thank you I will see that !