I just want to welcome everyone to fivver!


Welcome yall! Hopefully the newbies on this site are figuring their way on how to make their business sell. I suggest to promote yourself on social media because a bunch of people have accounts on there these days. Even if you sign up on Instagram for example, random people will follow you and possibly order from you! Not everyone will become rich from this site but as long as you try and are happy doing it, then sales will come eventually. :grinning: Never give up and congrats on your launch! :grinning:


Thank you very much. And welcome to you also


Thanks for that kind comment! Are you new here or have you been on Fivver for a long time? I just signed up today! Really looking forward to selling my advice. :grinning:


That is the key!!

“Never give up”


I gave up on fiverr with zero sale in 2016. now I’m back, things ain’t super easy but I still thank Jehovah!!


Yes I so agree with that! They key to success. Giving up is like saying “no thank you” to an opportunity. Mistakes is human. WE all make them. And if you say goodbye to what you’re giving up on, then you’ll never know what could have been done.


I’m sure you’ll get some soon! You sound pretty awesome! Maybe I’ll check your profile out! :slight_smile:


Thank you very much.
It’s my pleasure!!


I am working on fiverr about 2 years.