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I just wanted to give an apology

Hey everyone, I wanted to thank you for clicking this thread. I’ve wanted to say this for a long time because I felt so guilty despite not having bad intentions… So, in the past when I just started out on the platform, when people would buy from me, sometimes I would ask them if they could leave a good review as I was just starting out… I realized after a little while that it was considered manipulation of the buyer in a way. I didn’t intend for any of that to come off as manipulation and I really am sorry for those few first buyers I had asked that to… I wasn’t warned or contacted by customer support about it, so I didn’t really assume much, but now that I realize what I was asking and with fiverr team not warning me, it felt heart breaking to not apologize… So, to anyone on the fiverr team, and to anyone who reads this, I apologize whole heartedly for this mistake of mine and since then I have never asked for anything from a buyer when it comes to reviews or feedback… I feel terrible because back then I was new and didn’t think as much as I should’ve… anyway, I just wanted to give that apology and I hope you have a great day if you’re reading this. Lots of love for you and the fiverr team. :heart:


Usually, the warnings come if a buyer complains that you asked for a review.

I am glad you acknowledged your error and apologized.