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I just wanted to share a Fiverr experience

Hi there everyone!

This is my first thread on forum here, so be gentle with me. Jokes aside, I just wanted share a Fiverr experience I’ve had with a customer recently. Now this is not going to be a hate thread, or bash thread, just a simple story I felt like or rather needed to share.

This is my first 45 days on Fiverr and my main gig on writing articles has gone through the roof and I’ve already got my Level 2 badge, all positive 5 star ratings and over 60 orders, so I’m walking on clouds right now.

Then a customer orders a gig, the basic option, no extras and gives me the specifications for the order and what I should write about. Needless to say, I begin writing and I write it good. I’m a man who can admit when I’m wrong or have done something that’s not what the customer ordered. This just wasn’t the case.

In any case, I send it in. This person reviews it and sends me a re-mod, telling me that he/she/they don’t like it at all and asks me to re-write the whole thing with another linked article as the source and foundation (this linked one was complete c**p by the way) so I agree to this since I always offer re-writes if the customer isn’t happy.

With the new facts at hand I write a new article for this person, based on the linked article and I send it in a couple of hours later. Then I’m thinking to myself, “if this person doesn’t like this one then there’s nothing I can do for him/her/them”, but we’ll get to that.

So this person marks the order as complete and I feel relieved and happy, one less thing to think about when you have 14 orders in queue that are due in a few days (I know, it might not sound like a lot, but the gig I do takes some time to complete). Keep in mind that I’ve sent this person 2 very different versions of the same topic at this point.

Then I get a message with this person saying that they’re not happy with the gig at all. My first reaction?


The I write a friendly message saying that I’m sorry and if I can refund the money back to this person. But I also told this person that I would never be able to satisfy their needs if that last one didn’t work. And that’s the end to that, for now!

Then point of this story isn’t for me to bash this person or hate on this person, it’s to ask you guys if this happens to you as well? I mean you have a great reputation and along comes a person who just shoots down your confidence to the ground. I guess the real message would be that sometimes you just can’t satisfy everyone when it comes to doing things for them since each and every person has a special vision of how the work should be done and how the results should look like.

Like I said, I’m not mad, I just feel a little deprived of my confidence I guess, because I know I did everything I could and still wasn’t good enough…

Anyway, thanks for enduring this long rant or story, tell me what you think :slight_smile:

Excuse the typo’s, writing from my phone!