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I just wanted to withdraw $163.20 and $0.01 left on Fiverr


I just wanted to withdraw $163.20 to Payoneer and $0.01 left on Fiverr. I have never seen anything like thet before…



I had this around a year ago. It stayed for more than 3/4 months, then it disappeared autometically. It’s a bug, :bug:




I saw this as well a few months ago , probably a bug


i also think so:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Why would you want to withdraw $0.01? That has zero value.


Because my earning I have receive to my business account will not match with the value of the order. And if I need to show the proof to my IRS there will be 2 different numbers hard to explain. For them it does not matter if you are wrong by $100 or by $0.01 - numbers are numbers - they must be correct.


@deesajn Since you are in Poland you don’t have to pay taxes to the IRS. That is the US tax system.

Also the IRS doesn’t have records of what you earn on fiverr because everything they know is only what you tell them. And also, you will get that $0.01 the next time you withdraw your earnings.


I have generalised. The IRS in Poland is called Urząd Skarbowy and that will say nothing to people here.

Also, in Poland it’s not that easy like in the US probably. According to law in Poland I have to print out every transaction here on Fiverr, then print out every income on Payoneer or Paypal and every transaction on my business account and all the papers go to my accountant and every now and then you have an Urząd Skarbowy control and they check every single paper to find where you have done a mistake and fine you.


You have to print out every transaction? That’s such a huge burden, I’m sorry about that!

Some business people have 10,000 transactions a month.

I have the general Paypal financial statement for the year that I give my accountant. It’s two pages. It shows the total for each month.

You would probably show the one cent in the month or the day you received it. At least here that’s how it works. They don’t care when you earn it, they care when you actually get it.


Yes, so If something is not matching I would need to photoshop or edit a PDF which I always print out from every order here on Fiverr as a proof (they need to know from where the money are come from). It is a pain in the arse, but that’s the law. And if you hide anything they will fine you plus you have to pay 75% of your undeclared income. I need to do this every month. Poland is not a good choice if you have a business.


Doesn’t make any sense. Your IRS or whatever, should not be asking for data from your account, just financial statements, what you print, what you attach. Do you have a cash register, do you give receipts? No. Also you can’t pay taxes two times. @Misscrystal said it. It’s a US tax system, and nobody have records on what you earn.

Plus, I know a bit about Poland. Corruption in Poland is big. I’m pretty sure nobody will care for $0.01, or even for $100, or even for $1000. Cheers.


Poland is said to be the Kingdom of Methamphetamine. Poland has a million drug lords and drug dealers. It’s hard for me to believe they check for every transaction. That’s probably not the case.

I would suggest you this – get an accountant, because obviously you’re not well informed. I’m positive about that, you will thank me later. And he will manage your data! If you have so many transactions to worry about, and you think your taxation gov. officials will track you specifically, and won’t give a break to you specifically, you make too much money. And if you make so much money – you should have an accountant. Also transactions should be in monthly statements. Not like you said, day by day, every transaction. It’s EU laws, except if you’re like not in the EU. It’s actually US and world laws, man, it’s the same everywhere. Even in Russia. Trust me.


Yes, one more thing, I forgot. Nobody gives a d*mn about your PayPal and you shouldn’t be giving that, receipts from there. Only print what goes into your bank account! If $1,234 USD go into your bank account, declare that. Don’t go and print PayPals, and show sensitive data. Don’t go and show your name on Fiverr, your email, exact payment dates and etc.


The amount of misinformation you have posted is so big that it make no sense to reply. Everything I have explained here is well explained and established with my accountant and my US. If you don’t have a cash register in Poland - and I don’t because it is an Internet sell - I have to print out every transaction statement. Also every transaction from any financial intermediary statement too. This is not my idea, this is a law in Poland. And because for you it’s ridiculous and/or in your country you do it differently that does not mean that in any other country the system is different. And yes, they do care of every penny which does not match. Also it has nothing to do with:

  • corruption
  • amphetamine drug lords
  • UE law (because it’s an internal law)
  • your beliefs