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I Keep ansewring my message right away but

I Keep ansewring my message right away but response rate keeps going down… This affects my position and Because of response rate I was demoted… How can i fix this?

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If you’ve answered every 1st message (the 1st from each different buyer) from the last 60 days within 24 hours but it’s showing <100% you can report it to support on the helpdesk to check and fix if it’s incorrect.

Replying to spam before flagging it should also help even though it’s not supposed to be necessary.


@uk1000 thank you so much for helping so many users on this forum. I’ve been going through and reading a lot of post and began noticing how much you contribute with solid advice. Just wanted to reach out and let you know that being new to fiverr, you and many others here on the forum have made a positive impact on how I perceive what fiverr is all about. Have a great week!


Hi there!thanks for answer me back!
I been doing that for the past 30 days and my rate keeps going down… past week lowed from 75 to 67 and there was no one new…
This happends to me like 2 years ago and I made a claim and fiverr support conceed but now i couldnt find the link to make my claim

This is the support link if you need that (if you need to ask them to check, and if necessary fix your response rate stats):

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Hi there,

Same issue here. I keep making offers but dont get any response. uk 1000 refers to answering every 1st message. I wonder how to make that possible. When I can see requests, they have generally already been responded to by a number of sellers though I keep refreshing the search for requests.

The issue in the original question was with the response rate in the dashboard/analytics page dropping despite responding to messages in the message section. It’s a different issue than not getting replies from offers sent to buyer requests.

If your question is about buyer requests you could do a search of the forum for that eg. search for threads on the best way to respond to buyer requests. Also just because they’ve already been responded to by a number of sellers doesn’t mean you shouldn’t also send an offer if you can do what is requested well (if it’s a reasonable request and you’d want to do it) - the buyers will likely look through the offers for the one that seems the best to them.