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I keep getting flagged for suspicious activity

I keep having to confirm that I’m not a robot. Started once or twice a day last week, now almost everything I do triggers the captcha pop-up. Anybody else getting this?

It is possible that an installed web browser element (VPN/ad blockers/extensions/developer tools) might be interfering with Fiverr’s services in some way. :thinking:

If you suspect an ad blocker/a VPN or another extension to be the culprit, you could try disabling them. :thinking:


Sol1: Delete your browser cookies and temporary files that are stored on your system.
Sol2: Use Fiverr App
Sol3: Use a different browser and see if the site behaves in the same fashion
Sol4: Disable third party plugins from your browser
Sol5: if the issue still persists just get in touch with the CS and clarify it with them.

Good Luck


How do you know that it’s because you got flagged? Maybe a customer did it?

Because this is a Fiverr security Feature and it will show Captcha to verify that it is really her.

@gwyneth_galvin Install Privacy Pass from Chrome Web Store to fix the issue. This will complete the captcha by itself.

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It’s happening to me as well. Started maybe a week ago.

I use Firefox for Fiverr because it never seemed to work properly on Chrome. Do you know if there’s a similar extension for Firefox?

Hey, why need similar when you can get the same one?:yum: It’s also available in the firefox Add-Ons (Extension) Store.

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here too. But I noticed it was the new VPN I installed on my browser…I removed it now everything is fine fine…

Haha. Thanks :wink:

20 characters :roll_eyes:

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your gig is outstanding aND IMPRESIVE

I followed your posts and saw that you were suggested to install PRIVACY PASS by @iamsachmusic to ignore or bypass captcha verification…

Just a quick question is does that work??
I mean does that extension bypass the captcha??
Please share your experience…

maybe your account is already login on somewhere places, check your email notification login.