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I keep getting my Gigs denied because it's saying I don't ship my items

I ship all my stuff and I keep getting messages saying I can’t charge a shipping fee if I don’t ship anything. However, I ship everything. Help! :slight_smile:

If you don’t get reply here in the Fiverr Forum that is helpful, you should probably contact Fiverr Customer Support by posting a Support Request.

To post a Support Request, you have to click through the links on a few pages…

  1. Go to and make sure you are logged in (you should see your “Fiverr Username” at the upper right corner).
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page where you will find a bunch of Fiverr links arranged in columns.
  3. Find the “HELP” column, and below that you will see a link titled: “Customer Support”… Click the link. That should take you to the page: “”.
  4. On that page, you will see a big picture of the “Fiverr Staff”.
  5. Below that, are some choices like: “Having problems with an order?”, “Visit the Fiverr Academy”, …
  6. Below that is a link titled: “Still can’t find an answer?”… Click the link. That should take you to the page: “”.
  7. On that page, near the upper right corner, you will see a link titled: “Submit a request”… Click the link. That should take you to the page: “
  8. [You may need to log-in again here] On that page, just below the heading: “Submit a request”, you will see a sub-heading titled: “Please choose a request type below”.
  9. Make your choices and fill in requested information that the “Request Form” asks.
  10. Explain your situation as you have done here, and then submit the form.

    You may get an email reply soon, but it could take a day or two depending the time of day, and the day of the week you submitted the 'Request Form".