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I keep getting penalised but I am not at fault


This is the second time that has happened. I havent yet recieved a reply from Fiverr about the first time!! (months ago)

Anyways, this time I got a random msg from a stanger saying I should order his gig because he’ll give me:

High da backlinks
*.edu backlinks
*.gov backlinks
*social media backlinks

Ok, since I needed SEO done for a site, I ordered it. After many days, what I got in return was total crap!! Links that didnt even contain my site and some links with SPAMMY comments (those sites had 10000s of comments).

I requested a review naturally, and told him he should either give me something better or else be prepared for a bad review!! FIVERR FLAGGED THIS MESSAGE!! Though I am/was a level 2 seller, they demoted me to level 1 (despite the fact that I was the BUYER here, not the seller. Also, this is NOT my fault). In the message, they said I am threating and bullying users which is not allowed!! After that they havent replied to my message!!

The guy then submitted the gig again, this time it had 6 links, again, none of it had my backlink!!! Now what should I do?? Is this fair?


Why on earth did you order from someone who was spamming their service to random users on Fiverr? Would a professional SEO specialist do that?

It isn’t allowed. Fiverr doesn’t take these lightly so considering that they see the entire communication I’m pretty sure you crossed the line.
If the seller didn’t deliver what was agreed then you should have simply asked for a revision in a polite manner or a refund and that’s it.


Of course they flagged it. Threatening with a bad feedback is a violation of Fiverr’s Terms of Service.

You can request another revision, or give the seller the review you think is appropriate, or cancel the order.


This is a threat. It is a rule violation to do this.

It sounds like you should request that the seller refund your money.


Thanks for your input guys, ok now I know it was partly my fault as well. Should have used better words!

Well, seller didnt want to refund so I left a 1 star review… and while I checked, he also had another 1 star review (2 reviews in total, both 1 stars)

LESSON LEARNT: 1: Be careful with words - 2: Never order from spammers


Why didn’t you take into account his existing 1 star review? Sounds like you just purchased blindly from a spammer that promised the moon.


he didnt have that 1 star review then :frowning:


The idea fiverr demoted you is rather concerning because in this instance I would agree with you in terms of leaving a bad review for poor work.

I think where this all fell down for you is when you suggested to give a bad review if a revision wasn’t done. In fiverr’s eyes this is a no no.

In terms of what to do - If you feel the work isn’t done to the standard as advertised, either ask for a revision, refund or leave a review which best fits your experience. Avoid any mention of leaving a bad review for the future.

Still harsh being demoted from Level 2 to 1.


I gotta say I feel for you, both because you clearly got taken advantage of, but also because I understand that anger response. What I would add to what others have pointed out about the rules violation is that you have to consider learning to never respond angrily, on Fiverr or business in general, against the rules or not. You’ll always be better off handling things in a calm and professional manner, even if you are right to be angry. Take it from someone with a temper who’s learned the lesson the hard way over and over, you NEVER win if you drop your professionalism in anger.


You can request a revision, ask for a refund, or you can leave a bad review.

Threatening someone with a bad review is a mistake.


Lets be honest, the guy ordered from a spammer this might help him in the long run.


Doesn’t matter who he ordered from, threats can get you in trouble, they’re not worth it. Same goes for sarcasm, insults, being disrespectful. Remember anything you write can be used against you.

I’ve learned the hard way not to fight with clients. I had a guy demand a refund because he found the solution on his own, I agreed with him.

Then he wrote again and said his boss didn’t like his solution. So I told him this:

You can order again if you agree with the following.

  1. You will not demand a refund if you don’t like my work. Your last refund lowered my order completion rate to 89%, and I can’t afford two refunds for the same buyer.
  2. You will not demand more than one revision.
    If you cannot agree with this, maybe someone else can help you.

He agreed, ordered. Now he wants a revision, which is OK. We’ll see if he is a man of his word and doesn’t create problems later on.


A zebra doesn’t change his stripes.


You’d be surprised. Every buyer is an individual, one girl ordered 5 times from me, on the third order, she gave me 1 star, on the following orders, 5 stars.

Sometimes buyers don’t think about what they’re doing and how their actions affect others.


It’s amazing she would give you a one star review and then keep ordering from you. Someone gave me 4.7 stars and I told him it would be best not to order again but he keeps ordering. How can it be worth less than 5 stars but they liked it enough to go on ordering multiple times? I think it takes nerve to do that.


Well, it’s kinda like my favorite restaurant in Dania Beach, Shenanigans. If I order BBQ, it’s always fantastic, if I order something else, it can be good or terrible.

It’s like my life coach, sometimes she gives great advice, sometimes she doesn’t. I keep going back because she’s consistently good.


You have a life coach? I always wondered how that works.


Well, technically she’s a psychologist but because she lives in America now, she can’t practice psychology so she works as a life coach. Her expertise is with gestalt therapy, which focuses on the here and now vs. “tell me about your childhood.” A gestalt psychologist challenges, even interrupts the patient, but to me that’s more productive than paying someone to hear me talk for 50 minutes.

I see her twice a month, $50 per session. It’s a great deal, most of her clients pay $100 or more.

I recommend her, she’s the one that taught me customer service, because of her I no longer get account warnings. It’s also good having a safe space to vent vs. taking it on your clients, friends, family.


if you threaten to give a bad review we sellers have option to report you to fiverr staff because threatening a seller for a bad review is serious crime here

this one thing i loved about fiverr we have option to report such buyers