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I keep getting spammed!


For the second consecutive morning, I’ve been messaged here on Fiverr by random people offering to make for me if I make a US profile on upwork and basically let them use it as their own. Seems sketchy to say the least. Beware!


When you get

That is SPAM. You can block them if they keep contacting you.


How do we block spam we get here? I can’t see any way. I have this cryptic message this morning from someone:

Hi there ,
I did about 2 years work on the photoshop , but I did not get any work yet .
Try to understand me and get to work , please . Thank you


Oh, I thought he meant in messages on Fiverr!


Maybe he does, I can’t tell.


Yes, that is strange. That is one danger of appearing on the Forum. Sometimes you get Spam messages. There is a little flag at the bottom of each message so you can flag them with. They will get in trouble with CS.


People are so interesting. Even me, time to time get messages from other sellers ask for work from me.


Today even while having coffee at Starbucks I had a beggar approach me.
I must be giving off a vibe to them. Then a little stray cat was begging in front of my door as I came home.