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I keep qualifying for top rated seller but how long do we usually wait any ideas guys?

I have actually made over $20,000 in the space of about a year and have kept my level 2 status and still holding strong in a unique category that does not have that many services due to the complexity of my gig and programming skills needed.

So I ask how long does one wait for Fiverr staff to nominate to be top rated seller? I am doing everything right and by the book so I guess it is just a waiting game peeps?

Anyone else experienced this wait?

Even if you are qualified, there’s no guarantee you will ever become a top rated seller. You can become one next month, or you may never become one. The ball is in Fiverr’s court.

As a former top rated seller, I can tell you it’s not really worth it. Aside from the faster response from customer support (which I barely used) and the 7-day withdrawals, there’s nothing really standing out. Plus, you can lose it fast, I lost it because I had surgery and had to cancel a lot of orders during a month. Guess what, that was 2 years ago, I’ve been qualified ever since to get it back, and never got it back.

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ah ok so I will just show some patience with fiverr then hahahaha hoping to become one :slight_smile:


If you type “Didn’t get TRS” in the search bar above there are several posts on this much discussed subject, which you may find interesting.


awesome thanks for the advice on this

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