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I kept tweaking my gig still unable to get impression

I am new to this network and struggling because my gigs are not getting ranked or unable to impressions. Need urgent tips and suggestions.


You have misspelt “article” in your gig image.

Attention to detail is very important and mistakes will put buyers off.

They will just move on to buy from someone else.

Also, suggest you check out the competition in your category re pricing as new sellers usually lower their prices until they move up the levels.

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Hey there! So I took a look at your gig and here is my feedback:

Mismatch between title & gig description
Your title states you specifically write ‘computer vision machine learning ai’ articles, but in your description you state you’ll write about any topic a buyer wants. Imagine a buyer browsing for someone to write an article and they see your title, but they want it to be on something else. I only know you write about anything, because I clicked on your gig. If I was this hypothetical buyer, I wouldn’t even click because I’d think you couldn’t help me since it seems you only write about computer vision machine learning. Maybe market it more on your ability to write a white paper in general, or for technology in general? Provided that you’re able to do this of course.

Niche market
This is something that’s not really in your control, but I think not many people are looking for this service. Not saying that this means nobody will order from you of course. However, it does mean you probably won’t get a lot of clicks (which is more important than impressions) since it’s not in high demand.

Last advice I always tell people since it helped me out a lot is researching your competitors. You know better than me how your field works and who those competitors are, so look at them and how they market themselves. Use this knowledge to set yourself apart from them.

Hope this helped and good luck!


Thanks for best comments