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I know a seller who's a fraud, but he gave my money back. Should I keep quiet?

Few months ago I found some guy, here, who makes his customers believe he provides a service he’s actually not. I gave him a very bad review and exposed the fraud. He wrote me back and asked to fully reimburse me, if “I am not satisfied”, because he wants just 5 star reviews (and he has plenty :)).

I’ve got my money back and I kept quiet, as expected. When I look back now, almost one year later, he’s still there, with the same service (fraud!) and stellar reviews :slight_smile:

What would YOU do?

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I would have declined a refund, and left the negative review on his gig.

Cheats and frauds should never prosper.


Refund for removal of negative feedback is against ToS of fiverr.



It’s actually not possible to change a review, I think.

To correct (it was almost one year ago, as I said, so I forgot all technicalities), I think we actually exchanged some emails and told him he leaves me no choice but to give him a bad review and expose the fraud.

@jonbaas - yep, I was too 20 years old long ago and believed in Kant.

When 99% of all people around me were actually looking for their own interest first.

I changed, but not entirely. None of those 99% I knew would have open such a topic :slight_smile:

OMG! Another violation of ToS. :roll_eyes::open_mouth::open_mouth:



haha, you’re funny. I don’t know where you come up with so many “violations”, but things that are not allowed in ToS can be easily implemented in software, and they are.

People say “hi” or “thanks” even today, through private emails, after they complete a service, nothing wrong with this.

Try it too, you look too stiff :wink:


No I doubt most people say anything in private emails, since most people obey the terms of service.

If you are violating the terms of service by exchanging emails then you have no higher moral ground from which to judge him.

At the time, you made the decision to get your money back so that was the end of it.
Why are you still dwelling on this? It’s over, let it go.

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I’m just curious what other people would have done, that’s all :slight_smile:

I would have gotten my money back and moved on.

So we’re not so different, after all :slight_smile:

Well I wouldn’t have exchanged emails.


From now on, I’ll look at [a Message button](unnecessary gig/profile link removed) (click link) and wonder: is it in the ToS or not?

Another trivial page like [this one](unnecessary gig/profile link removed) has a Contact Me button, but hey, what if it is another violation buhuhuu? :smiley:

PS: …no, really, are you bored? :wink:

All gigs have a contact me button. It’s not a way to contact a seller by email, it is to contact them on fiverr.

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If I were you, I would have:

  1. First, cancel and get my money back since the gig was fraud.
  2. Then report the seller to the CS and get him banned if possible.

or, depending on how much I paid, I might just let him keep that money but be sure to leave a VERY clear and honest negative review to warn others. Then report him to CS.

Also I would have not exchanged emails since that’s against TOS and I would not want to risk my account being deleted. Waaaay to risky.

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you made me curios, guys. I looked back and I actually posted and then deleted the review (as I said the first time).

It was possible at that time. And no, when a website provides a Delete button for some topic, you don’t have to look into the ToS to see if it’s permitted or not. duhh :slight_smile:

What I would do is ask myself why I didn’t report this matter to Fiverr Customer support at the time and why a year later I am still feeling victimized?

You haven’t said how this person provided you with poor service. You haven’t said if the seller offers a 100% money back guarantee in the gig which you ordered.

It is not possible for someone to have predominantly 5-star reviews just because they regularly cancel orders which people aren’t happy with. This would significantly undermine their rank in search and get them flagged for review by CS.

I am wholly supportive of people going to CS to complain when a service has not been delivered as advertised. Letting almost a year pass, however, makes logically assessing whether your seller was actually at fault near impossible.

This is essentially like buying a box of chocolates at a store, finding the box empty, getting a full refund, and then a light going off a year later as you think, “golly, that place deserves to be shut down.”

I actually get frightened when I read things like this because literally anyone can turn round whenever they want and say that a service (paid for or not) which a seller delivered didn’t actually work out a year later.

Sorry, but if you felt at the time that something was untoward, you should have taken this further then. I am not saying that you do not have a legitimate grievance. However, it is also entirely possible that your poor experience came about due to an honest miscommunication or misunderstanding which your seller felt was best addressed by offering you a refund.

Your seller at the time might have offered a money back guarantee and now they might not. The facts of this case simply can’t be objectively assessed because of the delay. What is more, it is simply not reasonable to assume that every review your seller has received since is fraudulent.


I think you should decline the refund and leave the negative review on there.

Seems like you are a fan of TOS!!

LOL :grinning:

Nothing wrong with that! :slightly_smiling_face:

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