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I know, another "my impressions are low" post


I will dive right into it.

I’ve already posted how I didn’t retain the Level 1 as a seller, although all the requirements were fulfilled. Well, I opened a ticket, but no one explained to me why I didn’t retain the appropriate level. They kept repeating the same line “you have to fulfill the requirements”.

Anyway, lo and behold at the 15th of that month I was again a Level 1 seller! HOOOORAY!

Unfortunately, for some reaoson that I am not sure if it’s related with my previous situation, my impressions are WAY DOWN. Compared to when I would get 2000+ impressions even in a slow month, now everything is x4 lower.

The only work I get is from repeating longtime buyers, but it’s like I am at the bottom of the Fiverr pot. I am not even sure what’s the point of this post honestly… maybe I can get some feedback at least? I dunno.

Here’s my profile:

Any criticism, harsh or unfair idc, is welcomed!


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