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I know I know, it's nothing new BUT!


OK, so here’s a story that has been told maaany times before.

A few hours a potential buyer contacted me to ask whether a Japanese translation was accurate. Apparently he had already asked another translator to work on his file, but wanted me to double check. I get requests like this all the time, so I accepted it and decided to look at the file. The translation was nothing but pure garbage , it was clear that this seller was using Google translation.
I told the buyer honestly that the translation was terrible, and if I was to work on the file, I need to fix pretty much everything. I also added that IF the translation was done by another seller here at Fiverr, he/she should be reported.

A few minutes later he asked me for a quote, whether I was willing to work on it etc, he also said that the translation was indeed done by another translator here at Fiverr claiming to be a professional. I didn’t ask for it, but he also gave me the seller’s name, so I decided to get nosy and check out this person…and bam, there it is, he/she has stolen my image and is using it as his/her own.

SOOOOOOOOOOO…it makes me angry enough that this idiot is lying and claiming to be a professional translator, but using my image makes me even angrier.
The image she is using is one of my sample images with Japanese written on it, but I have the feeling she doesn’t even know what it says on that image.

I have of course reported this :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: to CS.
I am temped to send her a message too though…

DANG I am p*ssed!!! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


That really sucks! Good thing you reported her and that she will (hopefully) be stopped from selling her unforgivably subpar work. I’ve luckily never experienced anything like this, but I can only imagine how aggravating and annoying it must be.


yup, this is me right now


Aww, Zeus, that is terrible. I hope CS deals harshly with this person. I can not believe the guts of these people. :rage:


That sucks but it always happened.
Just do it by the law by reporting to CS.
On the bright side, your work must be really good that it’s worth stealing. :slight_smile:


Here’s an update.
I sent her a very polite but rather angrily sounding message to her in Japanese,
basically saying stuff like she has stolen my image, therefore I have reported her to CS.

She replies in English. Oh wooooooooooooooooow.

Her first reply was “but why?”

Why??? Why what?? Why did I report her?? Is that what she is asking?
I wonder if she even understood the message.

She also added “I’m native Japanese speaker OK”

Wow, what a joke.
It’s OK, she’s been reported, I hope her account gets closed very soon.

People might say your work can get copied/stolen if it’s good, but I don’t care.
I’m not nice enough to let thieves use my work as theirs.


It’s just a compliment to help put your frustrate at ease. Well then, good luck.


I understand, you were just trying to be nice and I appreciate that.

Well, if I wanted to ease my frustration…

I need coffee and cake. Or a doughnut!
OK, time to head to the cafe :coffee:


Might as well give you guys an update.
The seller had two gigs, at least the one where she was u
sing my image has been deleted.
The other one is still there, but what the heck.
She is clearly not a native translator so I believe her lies will get exposed
sooner or later, it’s not my job to pursue this matter any further.

OK,time to get back to work, happy gigging you all. :slight_smile:


Can I ask which image? Is it your translation image or the tattoo image?

I have the ability to evaluate everything on 5r for authenticity except for translation. I get nervous about getting a translation, because of this exact same reason.


This one. It’s the second sample image
for my translation gig. (This is the actual screen shot I sent to CS)
I understand why you are nervous, I would feel the same way.
Fortunately I know people who speak fluent Chinese, French, Vietnamese, Italian, Spanish and Russian. I know and trust them personally so I have people I can turn to if I wanted a translation to be checked.
If it was another language, unless I know somebody in person, I’d be hesitant to trust
a random translator!


Oh, hot fudge sundae!

I can’t find it, perhaps it’s gone! :slight_smile:



Careful, with a little bad MS Paint work, some mek-sells will might use this image to express their feelings about losing their “batch” in the St Level’s Day shake-up.


Oh, that particular gig has been removed which is great.
The seller had 2 gigs ( they are both translations though, she’s basically
offering the same gig with a different title)

Only the image with the stolen gig has been removed, and the other one is still there.
I hate to see it there because as far as I can tell she is NOT Japanese and the translation the buyer showed me was utter rubbish, but again there is no way for me to prove that to CS so I’ll just leave it there.
Hopefully another buyer will take the extra step and have a native person check the translation and report to the CS.


Oh dear, now that is a problem!
Well if someone was to use that image, hopefully they will be
smart enough to altar it so I can’t accuse them of stealing! :stuck_out_tongue: