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I know, I know you've heard it all before....but WHERE ARE MY ORDERS


I am a level one seller and up until last week I had one or two orders in que which was fine with me, since at this point the spending money is nice. but, in the last week I have had NO orders. Zip, zilch and nada. Not even a single response to any of my responses to “i need” requests…which was 25% of my orders.

The heck? Is it just me? Or is this every one? I have about 10 gigs and got orders mainly from a few. I tried changing the keywords, “sharing”(thinking maybe this would bump me up) but nothing? I am doing all the suggestions I see in the forum and am going to try the excellent pinterest suggestion but I am getting frustrated!

Any tips? Is it just me?



Fiverr goes through peaks and falls. Sometimes you get no orders, sometimes you a bajillion! I had no orders for three days recently, last night I got 4. So it is a universal fall whenever it happens! Just hold on, they will come in :slight_smile:


I’m in a fall right now but I know I will be back up in a few days


I have nothing at all. Last week I had quite a few. It’s feast or famine around here.



I am glad it’s not just me! i am trying to get itto where I have a bit every day or two coming in, but now I won’t…with the two week hold. I am in a house now inseated of an apt. and it’s nice to have spending money! Sometimes it’s toothpaste though :wink:

thanks all!


For a week straight I was getting 7+ orders a day, and today… nothing. Its sort of annoying.


Reply to @thisisrealnifty: I agree. I got one yesterday and was stoked over a 4$ order . bad bad! I was working up to cashout every few days and now …


Just wait until everyone gets their taxes back and will have lots to spend. :wink:


I’ve had absolutely nothing for over a week now. It’s kinda of odd and disheartening. :frowning:


Reply to @mrspanda: huh! that is a thought :wink: