I know people refuse to read gig descriptions...BUT


…this is the ranting pot and I need a good rant…and I am getting really tired of people purchasing a gig for an essay or other homework assignment and then getting all angry when I inform them (kindly, I think) that, as it says CLEARLY in my gig description, I don’t do this kind of work and then request a mutual cancellation. The majority of people that do this are very apologetic and accept the cancellation immediately. Those are not the ones causing me frustration.

As always, it’s a small number of people that ruin it for the rest of the buyers, by saying something rude about my beliefs (yes, that’s happened, instantly reported), refusing the cancellation request repeatedly so I have to get CS involved (as if simply refusing the request would make me do the work), or some other nonsense. I realize it’s coming up on finals time, but that doesn’t make it any less…annoying. I get that some people make honest mistakes or are just too hurried to read the eleven lines of my description, but there’s no reason to get angry and even abusive about a legitimate and stated desire not to do other people’s homework.

If you do offer a homework gig, let me know and I’ll be sure to send them your way.


I totally get it. About 98% of my book trailer gig cancellations are from people that did not read the gig description. I have stated clearly that I don’t represent any explicit/erotic/etc material. Yet I still have people order the gig, and I get to see atrocious images of what they want included in their video. Yeah, thanks a lot for that. I have to point them to my gig description and then request a mutual cancellation.

Most have been polite about it, one person tried to sway me by saying that the Song of Solomon is in the Bible, so it can’t be all THAT bad, and one person got downright rude and tried to blackmail me into doing the gig. I mean, come ON. Find someone else that’s willing to do such material. No need to get rude with me.

So yeah, I understand. People don’t read, don’t ask first, etc, and then you’re stuck with cancellations. I’ve complained about that before. It’s not fair for sellers to suffer because buyers refuse to read descriptions.