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I KNOW There's Real Logo Design Talent on Fiverr- How Do I Find It?


I’ve been a fiverr member for about a week, trying to have a logo created- actually, a relatively simple, 2-color logo. Sounds easy enough, right? I’m not having any success.

I get that it’s 5$, and I get that it’s a gamble, and I get that you really can’t expect high-end work when you’re paying only 5$ for it, though I can hope. :slight_smile: With that said, I do expect some level of talent, effort, and professionalism, and I expect the seller to communicate. My very first experience with a seller was a nightmare- seller #1never communicated, sent poor artwork (late, I might add) that was so off-base I thought I received someone else’s art by mistake, never responded to my messages… until, after I waited several days to hear something, I finally just left an unfavorable review. Let’s just say I had to contact CS to get that seller to stop messaging me.

Seller #2 asks for minimal information upfront- you cannot see this until you’ve made the purchase. Seller #2 delivered artwork, late, that in no way, shape, or form represented any of the limited information that I provided, though the seller seemed really, really proud of it for some reason.

All of this in ONE week- I’m already exhausted of fiverr. I’m getting attitude where it’s not warranted, I’m getting work that is not close to what I described, and I’m basically getting whatever designs the seller feels like giving, whether it makes sense or not. I do plenty online, and have never had such a poor experience. I’m determined to turn this around and make this successful- with your help!.

Where are the logo designers who listen, don’t over-promise and under-deliver, and have positive attitudes and good communication skills? I don’t need my logo in 24 hours- I’m cool with the seller taking a little time and delivering something impressive that indicates talent and that my requests and vision were taken into consideration. Any tips you can offer to this new buyer for making this process better are much appreciated. Thanx for any help!



you can look at my portfolio and give me a try. All artwork is original and I have 100% happy customers and positive review. I am from Germany, so please consider the time difference when communicating.

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I have my logo done here, but I did modify it by myself. First I brought a $5 gig from a seller, the logo they delivered was good but not so great. Yet, in my opinion it’s acceptable for just $5.

I offered to buy another gig, and asked if they could develop the logo more. They sent me a completely new concept of the logo. =’= Probably to avoid any potential problem from me.

So I just decided to make modification on my own. I bought logo in the first place because I was a bit lazy and would prefer to take time doing all the drawings for my buyers, than to do my own logo (I know, that’s weird). But going back and forth with seller like that took even more time so I just let it go. Guess I just paid for their original idea, still worth it.

My advice is, if you want your logo to be perfect, you might need to work with it on your own, even if just a little. But first, of course you’ll need a good original idea from a good seller.

To deal with the communicate problem just send them a message before you order. If they don’t bother to reply, they don’t worth your time.

To make sure the design you’ll get is a good one, just look through their portfolio, they all have great pictures upload by themselves, but the real samples they sent to other buyers are more important. I could easily recognize many cliparts, free vectors are being used in the real samples. It’s probably because I also make artwork and I know how a real artwork look like. But I’m sure you can see the “style” in their work.

It’s almost like drawing style: you look at it and can tell whose the painting belongs to. A good designer always has a “style” more or less, it one of their work is simple/minimalist style, then the other is so complicated/clutter and another seems

abstract…, they’re definitely borrowing all their work from somewhere.


I’ve had more than a few bad experiences with logo designers (particularly) here also. Many are not skilled designers and it only becomes clear after the order is placed because, like the poster above stated, many portfolio pieces are not original. My biggest piece of advice would be to eliminate communication problems & language barriers by paying attention to country of origin and gig description- order only from among those that strongly demonstrate they will be able to understand you. Also, always pick at least two different sellers to do the same logo. This will save you time in the long run and it’s kind of fun to see different interpretations of the same instructions. And lastly, provide as much concept work in the form of images, hex colors, etc. as possible. If none is available, be prepared to order from multiple sellers.




Thank you, miacmht, for5, mmie01 for your feedback.

Miacmht, I completely agree, and that’s the crazy part- I DO have a logo design, and SHARED it with seller #1, simply requesting that it be tweaked with a professional touch. That’s why I thought it would be a quick and simple process, thinking seller #1 would say “yes, I can do that” or “no, I can’t”. It wasn’t rocket science. Any legit logo designer could do this particular job in his/her sleep, as the time-consuming part of creating a concept is done. I have no explanation for why seller #1 sent me random, useless nonsense completely unrelated to my logo request with wrong text, wrong everything. Had seller #1 acknowledged the mistakes & fixed them, we would have worked it out fine. Having limited talent, poor communication skills, no customer service abilities, AND a nasty attitude? No- just too much! Contacting the seller first sounds like a very good idea, as seller ratings alone can be misleading.

for5, I’ve wasted a lot of time discovering your words are very true. So far, seller #2 is looking like it’s going to be a bust as well- and I can barely understand the little bit of English the seller sent me. Appreciate the advice!

mimie01, thanx for reaching out from Germany and the offer!

Thanx again for the help and allowing me to vent my frustrations…


mimie01 ,prepare yourself


Update: logo is DONE! Accidentally connected with great seller, very nice, quick communications, was able to help and managed to deliver exactly as promised- from the time of initial contact to the time I received the order was roughly an hour. Success!



I think you didn’t researched about the seller before placing the order. If the same thing has happened to you 3 times, something is wrong in the process.

Here on fiverr, many creative and awesome designer exists. You need to do a bit of homework to hold the right hand.

Though I am a logo designer and loved to work on minimal concepts (draw less, explain more), I don’t want to sell myself here rather I want to help you to identify the loophole in the process you have adopted for placing the orders. :slight_smile:

Thanks for reading!




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