I know this is a wrong question for this forum


But is anybody watching the India versus Pakistan cricket match right now? I am and so are around 1.6 billion people :slight_smile: Hope we win :slight_smile:


Wow, we are doing well, Pakistan 3 wickets down.


Our boys are on fire, Pakistan 5 wickets down! Come on India!


I am in heaven…6 wickets down!


Too funny!! I am glad it goes well for your team :). I am not very familiar with cricket. The only thing I watch is soccer and only if Germany or US is playing and the worldcup of course.


Oh boy, oh boy, Pakistan 83 all out!! Okay lads, now win it!


I love football too, love the EPL…but when there is an India vs Pak match, I only watch cricket…


OKay, we are 53 for 3, doing well!


You will make a good sports commentator, writer99025. :slight_smile:


I favour the West Indies when they are playing.


OKay, we won last night :slight_smile:


Haha…I only like two sports - cricket and football - other sports don’t exist for me.


West Indies were once a great team, now they are pathetic, to be honest, which is really sad for all cricket fans.


Bad one for Pakistan… I am from Pakistan. Congrats India.


True but the under 19 team is doing well. There is hope.