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This post may be controversial. Heads up.

(I completely understand your situation though.)


Should I like remove it? Is stuff like this against the Forum code of conduct/rules/guidelines?


But no!! You can check people in first page have a ton of sales, and we average seller gigs didnt appear on search result, the problem is our gigs not appear, not low traffic!!


Yeah, like I said both issues are connected. The number of sales TRS get has reduced whereas some gigs (including mine) not getting more orders is because of Fiverr making changes in their algorithm.


Again, I’m just as desperate as everyone else not getting sales - maybe more. But please we need to stop bugging support and complaining on the forums. THAT DOESN’T HELP!
Fiverr Support can only help you when there is a technical issue not when your situation is the result of changes made to the site by developers.
Spamming CS will only result in actual people and buyers getting slower responses and Fiverr needs to be proactive right now.

Play your part and try to make Fiverr great again.


Yeah fiverr must change their algorithm again to old one, the new one will be kill any average seller, its not a fair algorithm.


Well, as I said, the only thing we can do is wait.


Just complain and speak out and make them know if the new algorithm is bad and kill us, if you silent fiverr just be like that.



How have people not understood this yet?


Who’s know??!! Just trying!!


We all know. It’s a well-known fact. Try sharing your gigs in facebook groups, twitter followers, forums and any other relevant place.


This has been discussed a number of times.
One point nobody seems to mention is that the stats still show that the Alexa rank is much lower (which is better) than it was one year ago so assertions that Fiverr is dying are just wrong. Even the Alexa stats (which I dismiss as unreliable for this purpose in the link below) show that Fiverr has “improved” year on year.


Yes, it has but this year is clearly turning out to be an exception. Alex isn’t the only source I confirmed this from. This drop in traffic is concerning, very concerning. An unnatural fall in traffic like this and according to many stats is pretty bad.



You didn’t read the link I take it:

In addition to what babibalubi said above, it is important to know HOW Alexa ranks sites. Ranking is based on user visits AND pageviews, not just basic traffic numbers.

For example, that big drop in January shown in the OP image is clearly due to the Forum changeover. The forum generates a lot of pageviews for Fiverr but not necessarily from buyers. It is likely that the Forum is a large part of that ranking.

Secondly, if reduced pageviews can cause a drop in Alexa ranking then actually, a good search algorithm will actually DECREASE the Alexa rank as people will find what they need at the first attempt and stop browsing so much! (Let’s not discuss the algorithm again, I’m just giving an example of how misleading Alexa rank is).

Ever wonder why those clickbaity sites like Buzzfeed etc split their articles into galleries and multiple pages? This is why; it helps manipulate Alexa rank and Google Analytics stats by forcing people to view multiple pages which is seen as positive by the statcounters. In reality though, it is just an irritation for users.
Before you decide to start applying this manipulation on your own site, remember that every time you try to fool Google is a risk - their next update could target sites that do that very thing!


So if traffic for Fiverr is dying…who or what is picking up the slack. As far as I can tell, Fiverr still doesn’t have any competition with a similar format worth mentioning.

I bet this thread ends up being a mile long with comments :slight_smile:


No! It just about bad algorithm!


Its about their gigs not appear on search engine!


That might be the case but this all seems connected to me. But that might be the crazy conspiracy theorist in me.

Well, I don’t think this post has any value anymore. Can you lock it or delete?


If you search something on Fiverr, gigs come up in the results, not a blank page.
What is happening with the algorithm is that different people are getting orders than used to. Those complaining had a really good run of being ranked highly and now others are getting a chance (deservedly or not, who knows) but the algorithm has not stopped Fiverr selling, just certain sellers.


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