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I Land in Peace... from Cali!

Greetings existing Fiverr members!

My name is Brian and I love what I do. I am a high school student, having aspirations for a career in IT/Lang. All of my baseline prices will be $5 because I’m in this for the exhilaration of doing what I do! I won’t be the most efficient, best photographer, artist, programmer, writer, etc., but I will always provide the best work I can produce, and multiple different versions!

To get started, here are some hobbies I partake in:

• Newspaper Elective
• Draw simple comics/pictures
• Edit Photos/Images
• Make Logos/Banners/Cover Art/Posters
• Unicycling and Street Cruising :biking_man:
• Netflix. Yes, I love Netflix! Yes, I am human like all of y’all (hopefully)!
• Pointlessly arguing with friends about the most stupid topics! :laughing:
• Invested in new organization that focuses primarily on increasing students’ desires for academic achievement.

Not only am I active in communities, I love talking and texting–like every other teenager on earth!–so I would love to talk to anyone who wants to shoot me a message! I have some tips on photo-editing, writing, etc. if you don’t want to buy a package, but a short description on how to do it. I would love to help anyone anyway I can!

I’ll be on the last page of every category, waiting for a stray mis-click or looking through my inboxes :smile:


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I apologize for the link!


You are welcome to fiverr.
I wish you the very best.

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Good luck on your Fiverr journey! :small_airplane: We have at least two other teens that are Forum members. I have not seen :eyes: them here lately, but maybe they will show up soon. I believe Brayden is from California too.

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