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I launched gig here

I created my first gig on fiverr? Can you please review it for me. Thanks


Hello Shaheen, i am sorry to say you didn’t post any of your gig link so we cannot see. Thanks . You can put in replies.

Congratulation. I wish you all the best. I hope you will get success soon. Keep patience and stay focus on good work. here is the gig link

Thank you sir! I really appreciate

I just Checked your gig. Looks great. I wish you best of luck for your success on Fiverr. Follow few practises and that will help you.

  1. Try to stay online
  2. Keep sending buyer request everyday
  3. Share your gig with your friends
  4. Make sure your clients are happy with your work.
  5. Never give up.
    I am also new seller like you. And i have completed 18 orders with good ratings in just 2 months. You can ask me more questions if you have. Thanks

I have checked your gig and I can tell you:

  • Don’t use emojis on your gig.
  • Unlimited revision is unhelpful don’t use it.
  • Add portfolio samples.

It isn’t credible. You’re making false promises and unsubstantiated claims and focusing on making money instead of the quality of your work, the value or who it’s for. It’s misleading and not believable.

It looks like a sketchy get rich quick scheme, not a legitimate business.

And there are many thousands of Fiverr sellers selling the same thing.

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Great! hope you will get more success

Thank you. I wish the same for you. As advised by @humanissocial please consider this. This can make buyer confuse about your service.

i noticed your point! Thank you so much for your suggestion! I will change my gig accordingly

i completely understand humanissocial point

Also try to use your own original pictures. Try to upload three images. This will help . Thanks

thanks for such an amazing suggestions!

You welcome @shaheen455 . Don’t hesitate to ask any question if you have.

Looks like the images on your Fiverr profile is copied from internet. I am advising you to not follow these practices. Always put original identity. Thanks

Really appreciate you help

Welcome. Best of luck

where i can add samples?

You can add them here: Edit gig > Gallery