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I left a 0 star review instead of 5 star how do I change it

Hi I accidentally left a 0 start review instead of a 5starhoe do I change it
He did a good job and want to change it


I don’t think you can leave a 0 star review since ratings are between 1 and 5.
Though you can’t normally change a review unless it breaks the terms of service.

The only way to change it would be to contact CS (eg. create a support ticket through the help-desk) but people have received warnings for asking to change a review, though I think recently where a review was obviously a mistake got it changed. If the review text is very good but the rating is very bad CS might see that and know it was a mistake and change it, but it’s up to you if you want to ask them (I don’t know if there’s a possibility of a warning or if that’s only if you ask to change a review you received).


How could you give 0 star review.Buyer can submit 1-5 star review. By the way now u don’t change this.

I just wanted to create a topic about this.

I just got a warning for this a few hours ago. And guess what, I just told the customer that instead of leaving the feedback directly, he should have asked for a revision.

He felt bad once I made the revisions, went to customer support to talk with them and remove his review because it was unjust. Yet… I received the warning without actively saying that I want the review to be changed or anything. I never requested that, it’s clear from the conversation. Yet I got a warning anyway because the customer decided to go to customer support himself. The rating was 3.3 stars, so it wasn’t even a bad review. They deleted the review and gave me a warning for soliciting feedback changes, even if I never did that. So even if you don’t say anything regarding feedback changes, Fiverr still sees the action from your customer as your fault. I am sad to see things like these happen when the seller didn’t do anything wrong. Why should you be penalized for something you never did? I never requested any feedback changes…


It’s safest not to mention the feedback they write at all to them (but maybe make a public reply to the review if necessary - the one shown on the gig page under their review), or at least not if CS might think the buyer might have been pressured a bit about it. But I agree, you shouldn’t have received a warning, especially since you didn’t ask them to change it.

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I don’t think it’s changeable but always you can contact the CS and explain them. Btw as far I know, there is no way to rate 0 star. Anyways, good luck.

Yes, I clearly didn’t ask to change anything. I even left my own review.

But he felt bad for doing this, so he went to customer support without telling me. And obviously they didn’t go through our conversation, they just assumed I sent the customer there and… warning.

Anyway, I am curios to see how it affects ranking. It’s not a late delivery or a cancellation, so in theory it shouldn’t affect at all. I guess I’ll find out and update.

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