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I left a review by mistake

Well, I’ve just shot myself in the foot.

Two buyers with similar sounding usernames ordered from me recently. I just received a notification that one had left a review and proceeded to leave 5-stars but also write:

I can’t see your review but I hope you liked your video. Also, in future please don’t order until you can supply everything needed to complete an order. It wasn’t a problem this time. However, sending files a day later causes significant delays and possible late delivery penalties for sellers.

Sadly, I left this review on the wrong blooming order. This buyer did provide all their order details upfront. It was a different order where I had to wait 24-hours for these. Now my buyer likely things I’ve got a screw loose. Of course, this wouldn’t be a problem if I could change my review…


I’m a new seller. Never mind I think you should message that buyer about your mistake. Hope he/she will understand.


:scream: :cold_sweat: :sob:

I really think you’re pilling up too much anxiety. :frowning_face:

You better go have a walk down the beach and relax a little bit. Take a deep breath and, only then, consider going back to work.

These type of errors are normally due to not having a rested mind. :cry:


If I could sell it on eBay, I’d be wealthy beyond my wildest dreams. :wink:

Really I need a shoulder rub, someone else to think of what to cook for dinner, and a bath. I haven’t had a bath in 3-years! I stink.

  • Joke, I shower every day. I just don’t have a physical bathtub.

Yeah, it’s important to have someone to cry on and can take care of you even if it’s only to hear you.


You always have the deep blue sea to cover you, full of magnesium to feed your nerve system and calm you down! :relaxed: :wink:

After the sea bath… well, we’ll figure out something about the tub :thinking: Until then, I’m affraid you’ll have to continue using the shower :wink:


I would message the buyer and explain what happened as @jessy_ajior said. Good luck. :four_leaf_clover:


At present my picturesque sea is full of jellyfish and runoff from the fields after heavy rain. Also, even when it is warmer, you can’t beat nodding off in a proper bubble bath, waking up occasionally to tip the hot water up with your big toe.

Also, as far as I am aware, very few shark attacks happen in the comfort of ones bathroom.

I don’t cry. Nor trust people to take care of me. When I get sick, I prefer to just crawl off into a bush like a cat and emerge a few weeks later good as new. :wink:


Done this already. :+1:


And jellyfish!!! :fearful: Stay away as much as you can :frowning_face:

I forgot it’s November… :flushed: :smirk:

Well, you see, at last something good comes from living on the tropics :sunglasses: :blush:

Not even to make you a nice hot soup? :frowning_face:

You really need to work on some things, your chiguagua won’t be able to supply you with clean clothes, warm caring and nice tasty food… :smirk: :frowning_face:

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But a lady friend could. I think you need one in your life. Maybe you could find one who owns a bathtub! :bath:


Oh my !!! :scream:

Thanks vickie !!! Running to edit !!!

No Andy, you’re not a chiguagua !!! :fearful:

I thought you were talking about his dog, I think he looks like a chinguagua! :dog2:

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Yes, I was talking about his dog and, oh well, Andy is cute but not that much as to be considered a lovely chiguagua :joy:

He’s gonna kill me if he ever reads this :wink: :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Oh, he will read it! Won’t you @cyaxrex?

I love Andy because of his ability to to use the English language. He once told me I reminded him of scones and a picnic on the beach. That was when I had my straw hat gig picture as my profile picture.

I always read his posts, even the rants, to enjoy his loquacious language. Maybe I should book one if his writing gigs to have a piece of his writing art all to myself. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


:flushed: :fearful: :cry: :sweat_smile: :wink:

This is so true!!! He really is something else !!! :sweat_smile:

I also enjoy very much reading his posts and not only because of how he uses the language but also because of his sense of sarcasm without offending. Not everyone has that gift and he manages it very well. :wink:

He’s always thinking in eating jajajaja He needs to find someone URGENTLY that can cook for him :rofl:

I know someday you will :wink: :blush:


Just message your buyer and apologize for the error. Since it is your feedback then maybe Fiverr will change it for you.

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Yes, though I have no idea what a chiguagua is or if I am one.

Thank you, I do do try my best. Also, Grammarly helps. :wink:

I’m busy right now. Feel free to start a fan club in my absence.

Sadly, no one can cook as well as I can. Whenever I eat out, I just end up costing everything on the plate, before tasting for msg and rolling my eyes as whomever I’m with say’s “this is really good this isn’t it?”

The only exception to this was nearly ten years ago in the Cheesecake Factory and PF Changs in Florida. In both cases, I wanted to crawl under a table when no one was looking and secretly start living there.

Alas, I check the wife traps in the woods every morning, but I think I must be baiting them with the wrong perfume.


I didn’t noticed up to now that I used a colloquialism for “chihuahua” :flushed:

Sorry I offended Chico :worried:

I don’t know why I thought he was a chihuahua, I had to go back again and take a look at him… :roll_eyes: :frowning_face:

Oh, so sorry… I’m affraid you’ll have to find another one to caress your ego, I don’t like fan clubs and have never understand why they even exist except for making money for others…

Besides of modesty killing you, you’re a very spoiled child… :flushed:

You need to work on that too if you want to find someone :wink:

:flushed: :thinking:

Sorry, Vickie is not available :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :joy:

Oh my, you made me laugh at this and I’m still laughing :joy: We were talking about she thinking of booking one of your writing gigs :rofl:

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Try this:

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