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I like the "Online Now" green button and would love to see it expanded somehow

I have found that people see when I am online often and chat with me, asking questions which often leads to a sale of a gig since I can make some recommendations for them about their needs.

I would love to see a section where people who are online are listed so people can chat with them live.

I think buyers would really respond to this.

Oh I see, thank you kjblynx!

Yes everyone. I have made all my sales in the last two days from simply being online and available to people to chat with, and they ask questions about my gigs and I can recommend ones along with extras for them.

It could be a live chat box that pops open.

The Downside: Online Notification + Chat Feature = MUCH more spam by Scumbag Sellers!

The Upside: Online Notification + Chat Feature = HUGE INCREASE IN INCOME for GOOD Sellers. This due to…

-Impulse Buyers being able to talk to a Good Seller, work out the details, and buy the gig “instantly”!

-Big Buyers being able to talk to a Good Seller without using the CLUNKY messaging system that is currently the only option - which REALLY helps because Big Buyers often have more complicated requirements - Translation: Purchased Extras!!

So all in all, it’s a sizeable risk… but Fiverr should AT LEAST try this “combination” of new functions, as one of their infamous “tests”.


Chatting with people first has been responsible for 95% of my sales recently.

After having their questions answered and seeing that I am professional and knowledgable they buy a gig, usually with extras which I recommended.

Reply to @misscrystal: You wouldn’t believe how many Sellers NEVER reply to my questions before buying a gig.

And that is after messaging them THREE times! :open_mouth:

> Chatting with people first

By “chatting”, do you mean using the clunky 1200-character-limit messaging system?

Reply to @kjblynx: I’m flattered. :">

Are you sure Crystal wasn’t thinking of a “real” Chat function? I honestly got the impression she meant a live chat box, not just “chatting” via La Clunky De Fiverr?


Well mostly having a separate section showing who is online, but a live chat feature might be a possibility although I could understand fiverr thinking it might lead to some off-fiverr deals so I doubt they would do that.

Simply a real-time updated list of who is online now, separated into the catagories of gigs, is what I meant. Sellers could list the times when they will be online also.

I am usually online off and on between 8 P.M. and 3 A.M.

Actually I don’t seem to have the green online button on my gigs either. Why do only some people have that?

I’ve only recently discovered the “online now” button and it helps immensely when I’m searching for a Seller. Before, I’d post gig requests and likely will continue doing gig requests. But agan, that “online now” allows me to talk to Sellers who have noting in the Que to prevent them from working immediately on my project.