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I like to join with a company as the graphic designer

Hello! I am a professional graphic designer and I have4 years’ experience of designing logo (minimalist), mascot brochure, banner, illustrations, vector, and other designs as well. I work quickly and efficiently, with knowledge and high aesthetic criteria in order to provide fast, high quality and sophisticated services.


Join a company? Which company? It’s a freelancing website, anyone can open gigs and offer their services here.


any company i have more experience of graphic designing so i like to use it for my earnings


I think the videos you watched are either too old or wrong.

To make money on Fiverr easy with no skills you have a lot of videos suggestions to put logo gigs and claim to be logo designer. But this was January 2020. Now it is over and gigs in logo categories no longer make money, same as YouTube relax music videos channels are no longer able to monetise. Things change in the industry and the world.

Also offering automated gigs like 5000 motivational posters or fitness posters or business posters and infographics for IG and Twitter… All of that is overcrowded today.

You can not be logo designer. You are either designer or not.

If you know how to draw you have options to make it in freelance world but you need to look for better way to make income and create something innovative, something people need and no one is offering…


That’s not how Fiverr works. Fiverr is a freelancing platform where you offer your services, similar to opening your own store in a shopping mall. Customers then buy in your store or in someone else’s. There’s no joining a company on Fiverr.

If you want to join some company, you will need to find that company (local or remote) and send a job application, just like finding a job anywhere, but it has nothing to do with Fiverr.


ok dear thank you for your advice… i want to improve my business and get more buyers…how i do it?

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Learn, read, educate, promote, learn more.


Don’t call random strangers “dear” or any other term indicating you’re close even though you don’t know each other (unless you’re certain that it’s acceptable in their culture). They won’t like it, some men might think that you’re flirting with them, and some women might think that you’re being creepy.

If you’re looking for tips/advice, there’s a whole category on the forum dedicated to it: Tips for Sellers - Fiverr Community Forum

I see that you only have 18 minutes of reading time on the forum, so, it might help you if you start reading and learning.

Other than that, you can type “how do I run a business” into Google and start learning, because that’s what this is all about: running a business of your own. And there are no shortcuts/quick solutions/a couple of answers you can get on the forum so that orders suddenly start coming in.