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I like to suggest a new chat system


Fiverr massage system is not bad but the problem is if i had bad quality Internet like while i’m driving fiverr massages not loading properly

i would like to suggest to fiverr team to make massage system like facebook it’s like when the buyer send the massage pop up the chat box and chat right away.also notification sound need to be more loud and something different. sometimes i didn’t hear it properly.

also i would like to suggest massage status like



Thank you for your times :blush: please give me your opinion about this.

Have a great day


Just an error here that is making me smile. You need to change the word “massage” to “message”. :slight_smile:


I would also suggest the sound to either be louder or adjustable (with a strong preference for the latter), and I wish the “pink pixel” would be much larger.

I mean, you remember how big the notifications were back in the older 2013 design? Everybody would see them, but now it’s become a pink pixel :frowning:


hi friend thank you for the correction but Laughing and making fun on somebody’s mistake isn’t good trust me it’s can be effect your success

Also English is not my mother language


i remember my friend it’s a 2013 fiverr what we call it it’s fiverr v1 right?


I said “smile” and wasn’t laughing at you. Sorry you took it that way when I was just trying to be helpful.


@Woofy31 Yes my apologize my mistake i have to admit it and thank for you guys sorry again :blush:


Glad to see we are all friends again! :slight_smile:


:smiley: Given that we’re friends again, I resume the discussion:

I suggest making the notification sound louder (or adjustable), and the pink pixel larger because it’s almost invisible, even for me who knows where it’s located, let alone for new users!


I´m for an adjustable sound myself, I don´t want it louder than it is now personally, but I can see that some people might want it.

The pink pixel is big enough for me, but same as for the sound and a bigger one in this case I wouldn´t mind as much as a louder sound :wink:

I´d like to have the ‘chat’ something more like it was before, with notifications and messages separated.


What do you think about chat window system like facebook :blush:


Did you know that the pink pixel was once a pink bubble? It was double the current size, and I was still complaining it was small, and Fiverr did it to me: they’ve made it smaller!

As for the sound… I work while listening to music - so I rarely hear the notification sound.


I don´t know, I don´t use facebook. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, me too :wink: but anyway that´s why I´m for adjustable, there might be people who want it louder or even people who can´t hear well, so that might help those a lot.
Same for pink pixel, for people who don´t see well it might really be too small, only that I think an adjustable pink pixel would be a bit much to ask for, so I´m for bigger, if there are even a couple people who´d prefer that. :wink:


Speaking of people who don’t see well… why not make the pink pixel larger for people who don’t see well as well? Well? :stuck_out_tongue: (I ran out of :heart:s)


And yeah, it was bigger when I joined here too, up to the last UI changes, but I don´t really like pink, so even as small as it is, it sticks out enough for me lol.


What? You don’t like pink? Are you using a woman’s profile pic to deceive us? :smiley:

Do you know why Fiverr made it pink? Because they saw that the majority of profile pics were of women haha!


Yes of course sometimes i didn’t notice the message i had 1 hour response rate now it became 3 hours because of 2 messages :sweat:


I’m fine with pink on flowers or pretty desserts or men’s shirts :stuck_out_tongue: but no, don´t really like it as in I won´t wear it or pick it when doing PS work.

Oh right, good reason, probably, only they might have forgotten that the majority of profile pics are of guys and that the real girls might be cyber grrls and prefer black and other none or drab colours. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh well, that´s a reason for sure, understandable then. That should be a good argument for Fiverr, because, obviously, they want us to reply to customers ASAP.